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a deviation from a direct, usually shorter route or course of action
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What does it mean when you dream about a detour?

The meaning of a detour in a dream is fairly straightforward. It indicates either that we have encountered an obstacle in some area of life or that we have decided not to confront something directly, and must therefore try to find a way around.

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* Route 007 that operates Zayed First Street will be detoured to Fourth Street going through Hamdan Street to Sixth Street, and then follow the normal route.
Southbound traffic off Barger Drive will be detoured to Echo Hollow Road.
Business 54 traffic south of Route O and Route O just east of the Business 54 intersection will be closed and traffic will be detoured around the roundabout construction site.
Truck traffic will be detoured along Route 122A to Glenwood Road to Wachusett Street to Route 68.
Motorists wanting to take Exit 192, the Glenwood exit, will be detoured to Exit 191 to Glenwood Boulevard, where they can access westbound Franklin Boulevard.
Travelers from Bolton, Leominster, and Lunenburg will be detoured off of Route 117 as follows: Traffic from the west (Leominster) will be detoured on Langen Road to George Hill Road to Main Street to Creamery Road to Route 117.
SPRINGFIELD - One of Lane Transit District's busiest routes, Gateway 12, will be detoured beginning Friday and through early October.
Traffic from the west will be detoured down Langen Road to George Hill Road to Main Street to Creamery Road to Route 117.