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a deviation from a direct, usually shorter route or course of action

What does it mean when you dream about a detour?

The meaning of a detour in a dream is fairly straightforward. It indicates either that we have encountered an obstacle in some area of life or that we have decided not to confront something directly, and must therefore try to find a way around.

References in classic literature ?
He will be forced to halt for fuel and for food, and the launch must follow the windings of the river; we can take short cuts while they are traversing the detour.
For geological purposes I made a detour from the high road to the foot of the Bell of Quillota.
I awaited the coming of daylight and then went down to the front of the chateau, and made a detour, examining every trace of footsteps coming towards it or going from it.
Twice they had to pull up sharp and make a considerable detour, once on account of a fallen tree which blocked the road, and another time because of the yawning gap where a bridge had fallen away.
But this detour through the animal's supposed mind is wholly unnecessary.
It handles non-linear Detours that allow walkers to enjoy a "Choose Your Own Adventure"-style experience and also provides recommended restaurants, shops, and sights along each route.
Isenberg positions Ulmer as Detours auteur and frames the director as a craftsman who failed to receive the artistic recognition he sought and deserved.
Drivers here are complaining that newly created detours on the city's roads are causing more congestion than ever before.
Southbound traffic will have several detours, depending on where the road construction is taking place.
Traffic Impacts: Detours - westbound detoured in 2014, eastbound detoured in 2015
The ISF asked the public to watch out for signs explaining the detours to side roads, to reduce traffic snarls.
DoT is working with the Abu Dhabi Police and the festival's organiser, the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority to inform the public about the street closures, detours and re-routing of bus services.