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deuterocanonical books:

see Old TestamentOld Testament,
Christian name for the Hebrew Bible, which serves as the first division of the Christian Bible (see New Testament). The designations "Old" and "New" seem to have been adopted after c.A.D.
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The topics include temples and sanctuaries within their apocalyptic setting, worship in the restored Second Temple in Sirach 50: whether the context of the feast was Yoma or Tamid or Rosh Hashanah, no place for worship: rhetorical function and historical significance of a prayer theme in Deuterocanonical literature, gestures and locations of worship in the Book of Tobit, and worship and creation: some remarks on concepts of prayer in the ancient gnosis.
1-3) The story of Habakkuk, seized from his fields in Judea by an angel and miraculously transported to the lions' den in Babylon is found in the deuterocanonical narrative known as 'Bel and the Dragon'.
The account of Judith beheading Holofernes is given in the deuterocanonical book of Judith according to which Holofernes was an Assyrian general about to destroy the city of Bethulia.
The Thirty-Nine Articles declare Ecclesiasticus deuterocanonical, so Hopkins was perhaps more likely to have encountered this passage in a Roman Catholic setting.
The game's storyline is inspired by the Deuterocanonical book of Enoch (and quoted in the book of Jude).
Consult the MLA Handbook, and you'll find that the profession has only anointed abbreviations for the books of the Bible (canonical, deuterocanonical, and apocryphal), Shakespeare (yes, that's Tit.
The New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocryphal / Deuterocanonical Books.
At one point Adah refers to Price's efforts to get other Baptists "to swallow the Apocrypha" as his "one pet project" (PB, 59), while elsewhere Leah says that he "always stood firm" against the criticism of other preachers who dismissed the deuterocanonical texts as "the work of fear-mongers who tagged them on to the Old Testament just to scare people" (PB, 328).
Pope Benedict called attention to another instance of this sort of dialogue in his Regensburg address, namely, the entry of F Greek thought into late Judaism as represented by the deuterocanonical books: Wisdom, Tobit, 1 and 2 Maccabees, etc.
Williams has compiled a remarkable combination of Bible trivia, solid, thought-provoking questions, inspirational verses, important facts, and background material on the Old and New Testaments, the Deuterocanonical books, and the Apocrypha.
Fontaine, 'Queen of Sheba' in Women in Scripture: A Dictionary of Named and Unnamed Women in the Hebrew Bible, The Apocryphal/ Deuterocanonical Books, and the New Testament, ed.
He heightens the drama with phraseology that mirrors the deuterocanonical Book of Wisdom: "The breath in our nostrils is a puff of smoke .