deuterocanonical books

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deuterocanonical books:

see Old TestamentOld Testament,
Christian name for the Hebrew Bible, which serves as the first division of the Christian Bible (see New Testament). The designations "Old" and "New" seem to have been adopted after c.A.D.
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The Common English Bible (CEB) is an English translation of the Bible, including the deuterocanonical books or apocrypha included in Catholic Church and Orthodox Church canons.
Fontaine, 'Queen of Sheba' in Women in Scripture: A Dictionary of Named and Unnamed Women in the Hebrew Bible, The Apocryphal/ Deuterocanonical Books, and the New Testament, ed.
For example, although an entry is devoted to each biblical book, the deuterocanonical books are discussed only generally under the larger category of "Apocrypha.