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, common name for several members of the Saxifragaceae, a family of widely varying herbs, shrubs, and small trees of cosmopolitan distribution. They are found especially in north temperate zones and include many arctic and alpine species.
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a genus of shrubs of the family Saxifragaceae. The leaves are usually deciduous, opposite, and simple. The blossoms are white or lilac pink; they are gathered in corymbs, racemes, or panicles and rarely occur singly. The calyx and corolla have five segments, and there are ten to 15 stamens. The fruit is a spherical pod with many seeds.

There are 56 species of Deutzia in East and Southeast Asia and North America (Mexico). In the USSR (the Far East) there are two wild species— Deutzia parviflora (D. amurensis) and D. glabrata. D. gracilis and other species have been introduced as ornamental plants.


Zaikonnikova, T. I. Deitsiidekorativnye kustarniki. Moscow-Leningrad, 1966.
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any saxifragaceous shrub of the genus Deutzia: cultivated for their clusters of white or pink spring-blooming flowers
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"Flower of Deutzia", a specific noun, corresponds to "grasses of summer" non-specific; "Kanefusa" (16), a proper noun of the aged warrior who fought there centuries before at the place where Basho found himself, corresponds to "the warriors" non-specific, and "white hairs" of the old warrior corresponds to the abstract philosophical expression of "traces of their dreams".
For shrubs that flower later in the season and have put on growth this year, such as Philadelphus and deutzias, it is necessary to take extra care pruning and be more selective.
The shrub roses, for example, are just coming in to bloom, as are the next range of clematis together with deutzia and cotoneasters, and by jingo, the bees are certainly working over the flowers of the last named.
However, cuttings of shrubs, such as cornus, deutzia and philadephus, or of clematis, are best collected in the morning while fully charged with moisture and 'struck' (roots formed), and placed under a plastic bag or in a propagator in the shade.
Leveille & Vaniot * Deutzia setchuenensis Franchet * Saxifraga stolonifera Curtis 8 Vitaceac Parthenocissus dalzielii Gagnepain 9 P.
PELAW GRANGE SUNDAY 12.00 (435m): Headford Brandy, Balmoral Bradley, Well Now, Deutzia Belle, Billys Aim (M), Lookingfor Glory (W).
Prune early-flowering shrubs such as lilac, deutzia and forsythia.
This week you will get one free Deutzia Strawberry Fields plant when you buy two for PS9.98.
Suitable candidates include roses, deutzia, lilac and viburnum.
Prune mature, deciduous shrubs including philadelphus, deutzia and kolkwitzia, once they have finished flowering.
A boat full of shore juniper or deutzia could stand in front of a beach house.