development area

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development area

(in Britain) an area suffering from high unemployment and economic depression, because of the decline of its main industries, that is given government help to establish new industries

development area (Brit.)

An area in which the government encourages new and esp. diversified industry in order to promote industrial stability.
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Vice director, Wang Wei of Tianjin Binhai Hi-Tech Industrial Development Area, said, 'Tianjin Binhai Hi-Tech Industrial Development Area is determined to enable hundreds of 'billion-dollar businesses' in EV, battery, battery materials, electric motor, controller, charging hardware manufacturing and operation, EV-sharing and leasing, and other EV value chain players, as core industries in Tianjin Binhai Hi-Tech Industrial Development Area.
It is anticipated that Armstrong, after exercising its 6% option, will own 51% and Repsol 49% in the development area, and Armstrong 75% and Repsol 25% in the exploration area.
The BOT project for the water supply plant is located in the Changbai Mountain Wildlife Protection and Development Area in Jilin Province, which will be invested and constructed by Sound Global The short-term designed water supply capacity of the project will be 20,000 m3/per day.
3 km, dual four lanes, Lusail highway will serve the new development areas in the north of Doha.
In addition, two new specializations in the career development area have evolved--career development facilitators (CDFs) and career coaches.
She will provide support to and Membership Committee, Agri-Broadcast Manager s Council and the Sales Professional Development Area (PDA) Advisory Committee.
Since several members owned property within the development area and might submit competing proposals of their own, the entire body would be disqualified from discussing or offering comment on the issue, the City Attorney's Office said.
Describe prior research (if any) undertaken in the intangible development area, any tangible or intangible property made available for use in the arrangement by each controlled participant and any information used to establish the value of preexisting and covered intangibles.
Martin Consultants of Timmins and built by CGB Construction of Cochrane, will be operated by the Moosonee Development Area Board.
The development area is already shown as a planned residential area in the regional land use plan.
The DZC controls six major development areas: KHBTDA in Mafraq, Ma'an Development Area, Irbid Development Area (IDA), Dead Sea Development Zone, Jabal Ajloun Development Zone and the King Hussein Business Park in Dabooq an upscale neighborhood in western Amman.

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