development environment

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development environment

(programming, tool)
An integrated suite of tools to aid the development of software in a particular language or for a particular application. Usually, this consists of a compiler and editor and may also include one or more of a debugger, profiler, and source code manager.

See also: IDE.
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development system

(1) A programming language and related components. It includes the compiler, text editor, debugger, function library and any other supporting programs that enable a programmer to write a program. See developer's toolkit and application development system. For a list of popular client/server development tools, see client/server development system.

(2) A computer and related software for developing applications.
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Renesas' earlier RH850 multicore model-based development environment automatically allocated software to the multiple cores and although verifying performance was possible, in complex systems that included multirate control, it was necessary to implement everything manually, including the RTOS and device drivers.
It is comprised of an Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) rounded out by IoT targeted tools, libraries, online documentation and sample code.
Its RIO platforms are powered by Xilinx FPGAs and Zynq SoCs, whilst the NI LabVIEW development environment provides a user-friendly graphics-based program that runs the Vivado Design Suite under the hood.
This kits will allow users to evaluate and develop software in an environment closer to final products and to optimize use of the application processor for specific product characteristics compared with previous development environment.
The starter rate for a managed development environment with support of up to 10 users costs $15(US) per month.
Moreover, it provides a local cloud development environment that allows developers who use the Mac O/S to team up with other developers who use Windows O/S.
The research, on behalf of Compuware, found that "a stagnant mainframe development environment impacts developer productivity" and in turn "reduces IT efficiency".
Basic4android offers also the following benefits: Rapid Application Development IDE (Integrated Development Environment) solely focused on Android development Powerful WYSIWYG Visual Designer with support for multiple screen sizes and resolutions
The new cloud environment will allow NISSAY developers to procure new test and development environments in hours -- a process that previously could take up to a month.
The development environment can accommodate Unisys Business Information Server (BIS), Enterprise Application Environment (EAE)/AB Suite and other development environments.
Praxis, a specialist in critical systems engineering, and AdaCore, a provider of commercial solutions for the ADA programming language, today jointly announced the launch of SPARK Pro, a new open source development environment.
Supporting more than 60 databases and leading development environments including Sybase Workspace, Sybase PowerBuilder, Java, the Eclipse open source development environment, and Microsoft Visual Studio, it combines business process modelling with unified modelling language (UML) and data modelling to make possible open, cross-platform information architectures that securely deliver information anytime, anywhere.

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