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The process of directing the movements of any vehicle, especially an aeronautical vehicle or space vehicle, with particular reference to the selection of a course or flight path.


See also Counsel.
Analects, The
emphasize human relationships, the golden rule, and usefulness to the state and society. [Chin. Lit.: The Analects of Confucius in Benét, 33]
Anthony, Mr.
gave guidance to supplicants on radio show. [Am. Radio: “Ask Mr. Anthony” in Buxton, 99]
bear who teaches Mowgli jungle law. [Br. Lit.: The Jungle Books]
Dear Abby
column of moral or psychological advice; syndicated since 1956. [Pop. Culture: Payton, 185]
under her aegis, Barak routed the Canaanites. [O.T.: Judges 4:4–10]
Dix, Dorothea
(1870–1951) syndicated columnist who gave advice to the lovelorn. [Am. Pop. Culture: Misc.]
Dooley, Mr
. Irish saloonkeeper in Chicago who sagely and humorously dispenses folk philosophy. [Am. Humor: Hart, 240]
Word of God showing the way. [Christian Symbolism: O.T.: Psalms 119:105]
Landers, Ann
(1918—) syndicated columnist who gives advice on personal problems. [Pop. Culture: Misc.]
Odysseus’s friend and advisor. [Gk. Lit.: Odyssey]
Ten Commandments
God’s precepts for man’s life. [O.T.: Exodus 20:3–17; Deuteronomy 5:7–21]
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Scores for Guidance Curriculum (M = 19.4, SD = 7.75), Responsive Services (M=24.7, SD = 8.72), Individual Planning (M=36.4, SD=10.76), System Support (M = 13.3, SD = 6.0) and Non-related Duties (M = 8.0, SD = 6.83) closely correspond to suggested patterns for comprehensive developmental guidance (Gysbers & Henderson, 2001).
Developmental guidance and counselling assumes that human nature moves individual sequentially and positively towards self-enhancement.
Career Genograms in Elementary School Developmental Guidance Programs
In Nebraska, it appears that having a differentiated delivery system, which is a shared feature of the ASCA National Model and traditional comprehensive developmental guidance, was found to be most strongly associated with enhanced student outcomes.
Throughout the book, the authors' expertise in developmental guidance and counseling is evident.
This may also explain why satisfaction ratings were highest for elementary counselors since this setting may be more conducive to developing and sustaining personal relationships with students through more traditional comprehensive developmental guidance services.
The Wisconsin Developmental Guidance Model: A resource and planning guide for school-community teams.
Asserting that bibliotherapy, the therapeutic use of books, can play an instrumental role in comprehensive school guidance programs, this chapter describes how ECDC school counselors promoted health care literacy using children's literature as part of a comprehensive developmental guidance program for very young children.
Perhaps some of the expanded career development programs of the 1970s and 1980s need to be updated and implemented by teachers, counselors, and parents in developmental guidance programs.
Rather, these activities must be incorporated as part of an overall comprehensive developmental guidance program to provide maximum benefit for students.
In the late 1990s the Texas Education Agency advocated the transformation of all counseling services into developmental guidance programs.
They can also help school and community member's view conflict violence, drug abuse and other at-risk behaviors from a developmental guidance perspective, thereby insuring that prevention and crisis intervention components are considered.

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