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is the market leader in mobile device management (MDM) software, offering a complete solution that enables mobile operators and their enterprise customers to unlock the power of mobile networks, rapidly accelerate mobile data adoption, and significantly reduce support costs.
InnoPath Software, the leader in Integrated Mobile Device Management (iMDM) solutions, enables wireless carriers and mobile device manufacturers to transparently deliver and support current and future revenue producing services.
Perlego is the only provider of proven, hosted solutions for cross-platform, carrier-agnostic mobile communications device management.
Sprint Nextel selected mFormation, the leading global provider of complete mobile device management (MDM) solutions, to serve its 51 million nationwide customers because its integrated device management solution is the most comprehensive on the market, and because of its proven ability to help mobile operators deliver innovative new data services.
These iMDM capabilities enhance the user experience through true lifecycle Mobile Device Management via a platform that is both adaptable in its ability to integrate into any operator network, while at the same time offers the necessary performance to scale with operator data deployments.
In addition, the company will be hosting at its booth a series of technical tutorials covering software management and user interface customization, workflow management and rules engine integration, and the evolution of Open Mobile Alliance - Device Management (OMA-DM) standards.
As mobile devices and services evolve, there is a growing appetite from Enterprises and business professionals for effective device management to cope with increased complexity, mobilize enterprise applications and information, and deliver exciting new mobile services.
mFormation is honored to receive this nomination from the GSM Association for our mFormation SERVICE MANAGER mobile device management platform," said Mark Edwards, mFormation's CEO.
Insignia's Device Management Suite is a complete standards-based mobile device management offering, which includes client provisioning technologies supported by most of the mobile devices in the past, OMA-DM (Open Mobile Alliance - Device Management) based technology used by current mobile devices and future OMA-DM based technologies.
With iPass software and services, customers can create easy-to-use, broadband solutions for their mobile workers, home offices, and branch and retail locations, complete with device management, security validation and unified billing.
Additionally, iPass Virtual Office can be used with iPass device management services to ensure better control over hard-to-reach systems.
the leading global provider of complete mobile device management (MDM) software, today announced the appointment of Mark Denham as VP of Professional Services.

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