devil's advocate

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devil's advocate:

see canonizationcanonization
, in the Roman Catholic Church, process by which a person is classified as a saint. It is now performed at Rome alone, although in the Middle Ages and earlier bishops elsewhere used to canonize.
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Thus it is critically important that the devil's advocate be someone who is truly a trusted party -- a loyal opposition.
The devil's advocate may counter that rejecting the artificial would preclude our using most medicines, wearing eyeglasses, flying in airplanes, and using the myriad other artificialities of modern life upon which we depend for our survival.
Expanding the innovation role typology to include the devil's advocate addresses Kanter's (1988) criticism that past innovation role research has a managerial or pro-innovation bias.
for three years as a production executive, overseeing such films as Neil Jordan's "Michael Collins" and "The Butcher Boy," as well as "The Devil's Advocate," "Eraser" and "Without Limits.
Morris West, the Australian novelist who died in October, made his reputation first with The Devil's Advocate in 1959, a novel about a priest dying of cancer who is sent to a village in Calabria to help bolster the case against the canonization of a British officer shot by the Communists during World War II.
I would like to say that, in this month's feature, Stephen Abram is playing devil's advocate.
During classes, no matter what position we took on an issue, he would play devil's advocate, taking the other side to impress upon us the importance of critical thinking.
We sometimes play devil's advocate, asking, `Is this the best way to do it?
They encourage scrimmaging, brainstorming, and playing the devil's advocate.
Tal como asegura el director de la pelicula de estreno The Devil's Advocate, Taylor Hackford, "La corte se ha convertido en el campo de lucha de los gladiadores en el fin de este siglo".
Make sure you aren't regularly playing the devil's advocate or sleuth.
Considering this and other evidence for the vertebrate affinity of the conodonts that has accumulated over the past 10 years, I think it is time for me to stop playing Devil's advocate against this theory," he says.