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Mes Dieux vault qu'il neuist plus tel targe portee, Enchois ly envoia par miracle ordenee, Ou lieu des males bestes dont j'ay fait devisee .III.
An heir or devisee of a residential property cannot transfer it for commercial purposes without authorization from the State and, in the case of an allocated land use right, the assessment of a fee for converting the allocated land use right to a transferable granted land use right.
537, 540 (1930) ("fair support") with Fairfax's Devisee v.
503, 506 n.1 (1947) (upholding a California statute that required a reciprocal right of inheritance in the devisee's nation before the devise would be made to a foreign national).
"As Ben's executor and devisee of all his papers," Jack writes, "I retrieved, with the help of Ben's distraught secretaries, file folders of papers from his offices in New York and Paris and, from warehouses, serially numbered, sealed cartons" (24).
Nelsons will naming her as a devisee." Since then, the court has continued accepting her filings and posting them online, but the judge has taken no action on them, according to a Judicial Branch spokesman.
ought not to be deemed to be repealed, unless the language of a statute be clear and explicit for this purpose."' (quoting Fairfax's Devisee v.
(267) In its turn, the majority defended the traditional rule by highlighting the other edge of the continuum: "[I]f a will disposes of only one small specific item out of a large and valuable estate, it would be absurd to hold that the devisee of that one small item is entitled to the remainder of the estate." (268) Added the court, "The same logic applies in the present case." (269)
The court found instead that the lease was binding by its terms and as a matter of law on Smith, the landlord's devisee, and the Balk Family Trust, Smith's grantee.