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What does it mean when you dream about devouring something?

Being eaten in a dream can reflect our feelings of being “eaten up” by someone or by the demands of our lives. If we are the devourer, then it can indicate that we are hungering for something, or that we are possessive. Being swallowed whole by a large creature is a widespread shamanic motif for personal transformation (e.g., Jonah and the whale). (See also Eating, Hunger).

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Officials have been saying that starving animals have started devouring the cadavers of dead people littering the war zone here.
Justice Ejaz Ahmad Chaudhry has remarked " forgiving the government officers involved in devouring funds meant for martyrs can not be allowed.
Government officials have been trying meanwhile to allay fears by confirming that the charade will dissipate in no time and that the actual invading swarms were not of the devouring type.
Apart from a chapter of Emile Zola, which sets the scene and describes the atavistic association of the ogre as a huge and devouring predator, the works studied are all from the 1970s or later.
Her job shelving volumes at an eccentric local bookstore seemed like the perfect way to get her hands on new material, at least until she picked up The Devouring. What she took at first for a madwoman's ramblings on "vours"--spirits that feed off terror and possess frightened children on the night of the winter solstice--becomes far too real when her younger brother Henry starts behaving strangely just before Christmas.
Romero's zombie films comment upon man's cruelty and inhumanity to man, as well as the degeneration of the social contract into the strong devouring the weak into ruthless individual anarchy.
and soon saw a snake enter and begin devouring the family staple.
Centuria consists of one hundred short "novels" (each originally composed on one sheet of paper), which are united by an "ouroboric," or circular, notion of time--in terms of both immortal existence and the narrower scope of individual human life--as represented by Ouroboros, the mythical serpent devouring his own tail.
Awaiting them are media swarms voraciously devouring any tidbit of news they can exploit and euphoric crowds of religious zealots.
That fire at the Archie Crippen Excavation site burned for four weeks, devouring a 40-foot-tall pile of wood, concrete, green waste and construction material.
As a footnote to the controversy over Richard Serra's ad updating Goya's ghoulish Saturn Devouring One of His Sons ["Letters, Aug.2/9; Aug.
He observed vulture bees devouring young wasps that had been abandoned in their nest!