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A cross between Modula-2 and C by W. van Oortmerssen.

Amiga version 1.2.
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There is no assurance Dex One's request for continued listing will be granted.
Dex has always been focused on providing consumers with local information in the format they want it in, and the unique and groundbreaking Select Your Dex program continues that tradition," said Maggie Stonecipher, assistant vice president of print and delivery services, Dex.
The three writers - Goodman, her sister Jenniphr (who also makes her feature directing debut with ``Tao'') and Duncan North (on whom the character of Dex is reportedly based) - know their town well, and that (generally) unpretentious intellectualism is the lingua franca of that art colonized community, even among its Frisbee-tossing, poker-playing set.
The Dex Affiliate Program is one of several solutions that Dex is offering to help advertisers drive online leads.
This construct responded to Dex induction in a dose-dependent manner that was similar to that of the PEPCK-Luc construct (Figure 1).
As a certified partner, Dex One will receive integrated marketing support, training, engineering support, optimization services, and access to new products from Google.
As an integral part of the Seattle community, with our directory in more than 3 of 4 households and our retailers representing roughly 40,000 local families and employees, we were searching for a way to give back and help those residents who support our customers every day," said Robin Hager, vice president of sales for the Northwest region at Dex One.
Dex expects to be able to fulfill these requests next week.
It also demonstrates the breadth of Dex One's solutions, from both traditional print advertising to cutting edge digital solutions that drive revenue for our small- and medium-size business customers," Mockett concluded.
MINNEAPOLIS, April 26 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Minneapolis residents will see an improved look to the Dex phone directories arriving soon on their doorsteps.
We brought together all the pieces of a returns management process to create a comprehensive software solution," said Chip Dickinson, President, DEX Systems.
DEX Systems[R], the Business Process Outsourcing partner of Oracle[R] for Reverse Logistics/Depot Repair, announced that it has signed an agreement with ReCellular, who will be installing DEX Systems software.