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a small breed of red or black beef cattle, originally from Ireland


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Dexter (from a Latin term meaning “right”) refers to one of the many ways of classifying astrological aspects. The antonym is sinister (meaning “left,” not “evil”). A dexter aspect occurs when a faster-moving planet makes an aspect with a slower-moving planet that is located clockwise from it (to the “right”) in the zodiac. While astrologers from Ptolemy onward have regarded dexter and sinister aspects as having somewhat different influences, the differences are comparatively minor. In most general natal chart readings, this distinction is ignored.

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During his career, Dexter who penned popular Caribbean hymns including The Right Hand of God and Sing De Chorus,served as director of music at the UWI from 1977 to 2002, where he was responsible for the chapel music and taught a music course.
Dexter, whose dad, Jonny, is originally from Almondbury, and his wife and Dexter's mum, Katie, raised the cash for three charities during a ball in Cheshire last month.
The money has allowed Dexter's family to purchase a Tiger Cub braille embosser, which he can use into his teenage years and beyond.
Dexter Field Services paid more than $450,000 to BC Environmental as a result of Damazo's scheme.
"We can't thank enough all the teams we have seen along the way - they fixed Dexter's heart and saved us from having broken hearts."
Once complete, Ingersoll Axles and Standen's Light Duty Axles will operate as one ongoing business within the Dexter group.
Dexter is a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, who arrived at Hope Primary, in Huyton, in October last year, at just 13 weeks old.
Adam Dexter will continue serving in his existing capacities as president/CEO of U.S.-based Dexter.
"On and off the set, Dexter brings joy to everyone he comes across," the head trainer of A1 Animals, said.
Herbie, 94, and 13-month-old Dexter have gone on courses run by environmental charity Groundwork South Tyneside and Newcastle - becoming its oldest and youngest participants.
However, the said spin-off would not involve Dexter or Hall, who played the titular anti-hero.
The man who Dexter and his colleagues at Miami Metro come to refer to almost affectionately as 'Trinity' is a polite church-goer, who can't bring himself to put a deer out of its suffering when he accidentally knocks it over on a drive through the forest.