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a small breed of red or black beef cattle, originally from Ireland


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Dexter (from a Latin term meaning “right”) refers to one of the many ways of classifying astrological aspects. The antonym is sinister (meaning “left,” not “evil”). A dexter aspect occurs when a faster-moving planet makes an aspect with a slower-moving planet that is located clockwise from it (to the “right”) in the zodiac. While astrologers from Ptolemy onward have regarded dexter and sinister aspects as having somewhat different influences, the differences are comparatively minor. In most general natal chart readings, this distinction is ignored.

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Once complete, Ingersoll Axles and Standen's Light Duty Axles will operate as one ongoing business within the Dexter group.
Dexter goes home every evening and weekend with deputy head teacher John Casson, but he is very much the school's dog and he has settled in beautifully.
But we are proud Dexter can be part of this research and if he gives one other family closure he will have done a wonderful thing.
And Dexter was enlisted on Groundwork's popular free pre-school Little Explorers group at its 23-hectare West Boldon Lodge wildlife site.
Could Dexter tear himself away from Miami with his young son to start a radiant new life in Argentina with his lady love, a sexy reformed murderer who needed to flee before local authorities nabbed her?
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As the final series begins, Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) is left devastated by her decision to shoot Captain LaGuerta and save Dexter.
Dexter Industries also released software that allows users to control LEGO NXT robots with the Chrome, Firefox, and Opera web browsers.
Howard invites scholars to 'kill time' with Dexter in a new collection of essays, in which the themes, mechanisms and arch polemics of the series are explored.
The television series Dexter (Showtime 2006-), based on the novels by Jeff Lindsay, (1) is one of the most successful exponents of psycho-horror, a serial killer fiction subgenre in which the serial killer is the main protagonist and readers/audiences become direct witnesses of his thoughts and murders unmediated by an external agent that posits a moral frame to the serial killer's actions (Santaularia 2009: 157-78).
Police said that Joseph Stephen Brooks, 47, a volunteer firefighter with the Dexter Fire Department for three years, was running with about 300 other participants during a 5-kilometer cross country event.