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a small breed of red or black beef cattle, originally from Ireland
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Dexter (from a Latin term meaning “right”) refers to one of the many ways of classifying astrological aspects. The antonym is sinister (meaning “left,” not “evil”). A dexter aspect occurs when a faster-moving planet makes an aspect with a slower-moving planet that is located clockwise from it (to the “right”) in the zodiac. While astrologers from Ptolemy onward have regarded dexter and sinister aspects as having somewhat different influences, the differences are comparatively minor. In most general natal chart readings, this distinction is ignored.

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Howard invites scholars to 'kill time' with Dexter in a new collection of essays, in which the themes, mechanisms and arch polemics of the series are explored.
The book is organised into five sections, dealing respectively with Dexter's conception, series structure, interpersonal relationships, ethics and politics of the show, and questions of genre.
Additionally, Dexters provide excellent, delicious meat.
Those are all the dry facts and figures for Dexters. What doesn't come across in this data is the sheer enjoyment we get from our animals.
Dexter gathered the best of the cattle from the Irish countryside, I wonder if he suspected that the resulting herd would become a breed and named after him?
Dexter was choosing his cattle from descendants of the Celtic cattle, which had ranged over the island country for millenniums.
The cows usually give birth without assistance, and using a calf puller is virtually unknown with Dexters. Calves weigh about 45 pounds at birth, and by the time they're weaned at 7 months, they may weigh between 350 and 500 pounds.
Although they are predominantly black, Dexters also come in dun and red.
Dexter was born in a birthing pool at the couple's pounds 800,000 farmhouse in St Bride's Major, near Bridgend.
It is thought the labour may have been induced because Dexter was a fortnight overdue.
Dexter's Laboratory: Ego Trip, which also includes special bonus Cartoon Network 'toons, is a time-hopping adventure in which Dexter travels into the distant future to retrieve the all-powerful Neuroatomic Proto-Core.