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[′dek ‚stran]
Any of the several polysaccharides, (C5H10O5)n , that yield glucose units on hydrolysis.



(C6H10O5)n, a polysaccharide of bacterial origin, a polymer of glucose. The molecular weight can be as high as 10,000,000. In the linear part of the dextran molecule the glucose residues are joined by bonds between the first and sixth carbon atoms; branching is due to bonds between the first and fourth, first and third, and first and second atoms. Dextran is obtained by growing microorganisms of the genus Leuconostoc in an artificial culture medium. Dextran, in the form of a partially hydrolyzed solution with not less than 90 percent 1.6 linkages and a molecular weight of about 60,000 is used clinically as a blood plasma substitute. The preparation provides for a normal osmotic pressure corresponding to that of blood. Modified dextran, so-called Sephadex, is used in chromatography.

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The Dextran was tracked and detected in the new structures' tubules, demonstrating that filtrate was indeed being produced and excreted as urine.
In this context, it is understandable why dextran coated iron oxide nanoparticles are of great interest for future biomedical applications.
The 10-nm gold used as fiduciary markers roughly matches the estimated hydration diameter of 40 to 70-kDa dextran molecules, and there appear to be pathways through the thickets of filaments crossing the junction that could admit 10-nm molecules, which might account for the slower passage of 40 kDa and larger dextran (Fig.
At present, there are many parenteral iron preparations available which include iron sucrose, ferric gluconate, low molecular weight iron dextran and the newest preparation ferumoxytol.
Fatality following the use of low molecular weight dextran in the treatment of sudden deafness.
The safety profile of polygeline in nerves and the safe use of other colloids such as dextran with local anesthetics in previous studies were explained in detail to the patients.
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The dependence of IPDT, ITS and Ea on DS of the acetylation of dextran is also discussed.
Launched in February 2015, GMPmanufactured low molecular weight (LMD) Dextran solutions are used for thawing cells after cryopreservation storage.
Launched in February 2015, GMP-manufactured low molecular weight (LMD) Dextran solutions are used for thawing cells after cryopreservation storage.
While intravenous iron has occasionally caused anaphylactic reactions, this side effect became rare after high-molecular-weight iron dextran was largely replaced by newer intravenous iron preparations.