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[′dek ‚stran]
Any of the several polysaccharides, (C5H10O5)n , that yield glucose units on hydrolysis.
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(C6H10O5)n, a polysaccharide of bacterial origin, a polymer of glucose. The molecular weight can be as high as 10,000,000. In the linear part of the dextran molecule the glucose residues are joined by bonds between the first and sixth carbon atoms; branching is due to bonds between the first and fourth, first and third, and first and second atoms. Dextran is obtained by growing microorganisms of the genus Leuconostoc in an artificial culture medium. Dextran, in the form of a partially hydrolyzed solution with not less than 90 percent 1.6 linkages and a molecular weight of about 60,000 is used clinically as a blood plasma substitute. The preparation provides for a normal osmotic pressure corresponding to that of blood. Modified dextran, so-called Sephadex, is used in chromatography.

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The preparation was performed by volume reduction (Sepax II, Biosafe, Eysins, Switzerland) to 24 mL and the addition of 8 mL of freezing solution consisting of 40% dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO; CryoSure DMSO, WAK-Chemie Medical, Steinbach, Germany) and 60% Dextran 40 (Delta-Dex 40, DeltaSelect, Dreieich, Germany; final concentration in bag: 10% DMSO, 15% Dextran 40).
Morgan et al found that colloid Dextran is available as Dextran 70 and Dextran 40. Althrough Dextran 70 is a better volume expander than Dextran 40, the later also improves blood flow through the microcirculation, presumably by decreasing blood viscosity.
Dextran 75 and dextran 40 (500 cc/day) pentoxyphyline (8 mg/day), ampicillin-sulbactam (100 mg/kg/day), paracetamol (500 mg tablet 2x1) and fluid treatment with 2500 cc/[m.sup.2]/day were started.