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any one of a number of carbohydratescarbohydrate,
any member of a large class of chemical compounds that includes sugars, starches, cellulose, and related compounds. These compounds are produced naturally by green plants from carbon dioxide and water (see photosynthesis).
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 having the same general formula as starch but a smaller and less complex molecule. They are polysaccharides and are produced as intermediate products in the hydrolysishydrolysis
, chemical reaction of a compound with water, usually resulting in the formation of one or more new compounds. The most common hydrolysis occurs when a salt of a weak acid or weak base (or both) is dissolved in water.
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 of starch by heat, by acids, and by enzymes. Their nature and their chemical behavior depend to a great extent on the kind of starch from which they are derived. For example, some react with iodine to give a reddish-brown color, others a blue, and still others yield no color at all. For commerical use dextrin is prepared by heating dry starch or starch treated with acids to produce a colorless or yellowish, tasteless, odorless powder which, when mixed with water, forms a strongly adhesive paste. It is used widely in adhesives, e.g., for postage stamps, envelopes, and wallpapers, and for sizing paper and textiles.


A polymer ofD-glucose which is intermediate in complexity between starch and maltose.

dextrin, amylin, starch gum

A starch-like compound having strong adhesive properties; an amorphous, odorless, sweetish-tasting, white, water-soluble gum; used as a wallpaper adhesive.


, dextrine
any of a group of sticky substances that are intermediate products in the conversion of starch to maltose: used as thickening agents in foods and as gums
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In this study, we used dextrin as a coating for biocompatibility of NPs.
In each trial, the swimmers were administered either glucose, water as a control, or HBCD, a type of maltodextrin with a high molecular weight and narrow molecular weight distribution that is the functional component of Glico's Cluster Dextrin.
Sucrose, which can move easily into the wood, seemed to have no effect, especially compared with dextrin the other highly soluble sugar.
The researchers analyzed the flavor masking potential of pea dextrin in emulsions rich in [omega]-3 and [omega]-6-fatty acids.
Using a double-blind, randomized cross-over design, researchers from Iowa State University found that an emerging fiber, soluble fiber dextrin, may help promote satiety from three to eight and a half hours after consumption.
Growth performance and slaughter characteristics of broiler chickens fed with antibiotic, mannan oligosaccharide and dextrin oligo saccharide supplemented diets.
It's much easier to avoid gluten in obvious products, such as bakery goods that use wheat, but gluten can dell be found in some unlikely places, such as snack foods with added seasonings, lunch meats, beer, some frostings and candy, maltodextrin and dextrin (common additives), and some gravies and instant cocoas.
The aim of this study was to evaluate whether oral administration of TG with maltose or dextrin is capable of reducing post-prandial serum glucose concentration in experimentally streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetic dogs fed on a high-fiber diet.
Improved stability and controlled release of 3/ 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids by spring dextrin encapsulation.
But there were 31 other, uh, ingredients as well - some familiar (corn syrup, cornstarch, niacin, high fructose corn syrup) and some not so familiar (polysorbate 60, dextrin, calcium caseinate and sodium stearoyl lactylate) - a chemist's delight, to be sure.