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The presence of the heart in the right hemithorax, with the cardiac apex directed to the right.



a congenital anomaly of the position of the heart in which most of the heart is located in the right hemithorax. It is usually associated with transposition of all viscera. It is most often discovered by chance during X-ray or electrocardiographic examinations. Dextrocardia should not be confused with dextroposition of the heart, which is a shift of the heart to the right in cases of diseases of the neighboring organs (accumulation of fluid in the left pleural cavity, shrinkage or collapse of the right lung, and so on).

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Chest X-ray and echocardiography revealed a dextrocardia and PDA measuring 3 mm [Figure 2].
The etymology of dextrocardia and DSIT are Latin, where dextro is derived from "dexter" meaning "right" and "cardia" meaning heart, when put together, " right-sided heart".
A diagnosis of congenital pseudoarthrosis was made in the patient who did not have pathology in the cervical vertebrae, dextrocardia, findings suggesting cleidocranial disosytosis and skin lesions suggesting neurofibromatosis.
e dextrocardia only or situs inversus totalis where all the viscera are on the opposite side, including left sided appendix.
There are several types of dextrocardia with some of them having defects of the heart and abdomen area.
Here we describe a case of a 53-year-old female with situs inversus and dextrocardia, where PTMC was successfully performed with a few modifications of the standard Inoue technique.
Dextrocardia situs inversus is a rare genetic phenomenon in which the positions of organs are reversed; for example, the heart is normally found on the left side of the body, but with dextrocardia, it is on the right.
En la figura 1 y 2 se ve las imagenes de la tomografia que claramente muestran el situs inversus totalis, con dextrocardia, higado localizado al lado izquierdo y la interposicion franca de los grandes vasos, con la vena cava a la izquierda y la aorta a la derecha.
situs inversus with dextrocardia, or with the heart located in the left chest - situs inversus with levocardia.
Hay casos curiosos en la consulta medica, en donde se observan pacientes con dextrocardia, con el apendice cecal a la izquierda y con el higado a la izquierda, por ejemplo.
Jordan was born with multiple congenital heart defects, including dextrocardia, or a "reversed" heart.