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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

When Muhammad launched his aggressive push to spread Islam throughout the world, his armies were instructed to allow people in conquered cities the freedom to continue their religion, especially if they were "people of the book"—Jews and Christians.

Theoretically, non-Muslims still have the right to practice their religion in Muslim-controlled societies. These people are called dhimmi (pronounced de-hem-ee).

With the resurgence of radical, fundamentalist Islam in some Near Eastern countries, however, dhimmi have sometimes found it difficult to insist on their legal rights when faced by angry mobs, cultural pressures, or repressive regimes. With Muslim rulers focusing their rhetoric on the "devil" of American materialism and imperialism, it becomes difficult to control the actions of fervent, religious zealots who consider it their duty to defend their faith and way of life by focusing their anger on targets close at hand.

This problem is not limited to Islam. Jews, especially, have been victims of similar cultural forces, and witches and American Indians can attest to the same kind of persecution at the hands of Christians.

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1) says that dhimmi criminals "should receive a mandatory punishment (hudda) for that which mandates such punishment but this does not break their Pact ('ahd), which would render killing them licit.
Neither the unbeliever nor the dhimmi have "inalienable rights," nor can such "rights" be the "foundation of freedom, justice, and peace in the world.
To acquiesce in dhimmi status is to give up on life by accepting a sort of death in the midst of life.
Without Israel, the region would lose its one success storyand the Jews of the Middle East would be yet another group of fearful, oppressed, and vulnerable dhimmis.
For instance, dhimmi mountaineers could often ignore many of the humiliations as long as they stayed away from Muslim cities.
In terms of whether or not Malaysia is an Islamic state because it fulfils the criteria given in the booklet (criteria that are based largely on Al-Mawardi's Al-ahkam as-sultaniyya) , it is instructive to check against his text, especially regarding the status of ahl al-dhimma, or non-Muslims, since Malaysia adalah sebuah negara Islam uses the word dhimmi to describe orang kafir, or unbelievers.
The Ottoman legal system provided both Christians and Jews with the status of dhimmi, and de facto recognition of citizenship that helped establish and maintain a just and pluralist order.
If the Islamicists have their way, they will push Christians back into the dhimmi status of Ottoman times, when Christians were only reluctantly tolerated.
For centuries there was a legal place in the Islamic universe for Jews--they were considered dhimmi (people of the book)--although the practical restrictions accompanying that status varied significantly across time and place.
A staple feature of the dhimmi status was the requirement to pay a heavy poll tax, the jizya, from which Muslims were exempt.
The Islamophobes have gathered a huge following, though, and put at least one Arabic word, dhimmi, into fairly general circulation.
Whether as merchants receiving charters from the Carolingians and Spaniards in Europe or as dhimmi living in the Islamic realm, Jewish self-government proved to be an important and enduring political structure for Jewish survival in the Diaspora.