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in ancient times, the fillet of silk, wool, or linen tied about the head of a king, queen, or priest as a distinguishing mark. Later, it was a band of gold, which gave rise to the crown. In heraldry, the diadem is one of the arched bars that support the crown.
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Discovered in the early 19th century, at least one of the objects excavated found its way to a European museum and it is possible that this diadem came from the same site.
The Diadem project aims, in the context of the creation of a Basic Nuclear Installation (INB) within the CEA Marcoule center design and construction of a building dedicated to the storage of nuclear waste.
Despite its feminine associations, the piece was actually made for the famously extravagant coronation of George IV in 1821," The Royal Collection said in a statement, adding, "The Diadem is set with 1,333 brilliant-cut diamonds, including a four-carat pale yellow brilliant.
Six more crowns and ten V-shaped headdresses called diadems were arrayed on top of his body.
totepool Diadem Stakes, William Hill bet: 100-30 Avonbridge, 4-1 Etlaala, 6-1 Ashdown Express, 7-1 Moss Vale, Quito, 10-1 Baltic King, Lucky Spin, 14-1 Fayr Jag, 20-1 Texas Gold, 25-1 Baron's Pit, 33-1 Bahamian Pirate, Traytonic, 100-1 Goldeva.
In addition, NI points out, Diadem now works with Asian character sets for writing and distributing reports worldwide, and provides improved data import and export functions for Microsoft Excel and ASCII files.
JOHN Gosden`s top-class sprinter Malhub may appear again this season in next weekend`s Brunswick Diadem Stakes at Ascot.
His dual raid on the Berkshire track centres on stable star Atavus in the pounds 100,000 Betdaq Diadem Stakes, followed 35 minutes later in the pounds 75,000 Tote Trifecta Stakes when he will be double-handed through A Touch Of Frost and Millenium Moonbeam.
With the aid of minimal props and costume (plain black all-purpose tights and jerkin, plus a gold band diadem when appropriate), she offers a compelling and remarkably gripping reconstruction of what The Weddynge might have sounded like in a medieval performance.
Almost ten years ago, The French government unveiled a plan to replace the aging Conservatory building on the Rue de Madrid with a new jewel in its diadem of arts buildings.
Or is Wedtech just another glittering rhinestone in the diadem of the American genius for financial duplicity, rating somewhere alongside Fisk, Gould, and Vanderbilt's Erie Railroad caper?
AUSTIN, Texas -- National Instruments (Nasdaq:NATI) today announced the release of DIAdem 11.