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To enable an accurate diagnosis, the layout of the cell is taken into consideration just as is done for layout-aware interconnect diagnosis.
Corroborative-when histopathological diagnosis was consistent with one of the differential diagnoses.
The appropriate ENMG protocols were conducted in the light of preliminary diagnosis and physical examination.
They were nearly five times more likely to have two or more current co-occurring conditions than were children with a PBNC diagnosis of an ASD.
The goal of the study was therefore to identify "the factors that can precede the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, that sort of can act as red flags to identify that population at risk," she explained.
However, if the patient does not improve, "we think again and consider whether the working diagnosis was wrong.
Three-fourths of all the patients with a preceding diagnosis of ADHD had a hyperactive subtype, the investigators noted.
First, the diagnostic rate of histoplasmosis might be markedly decreased because of the lack of serologic and antigen testing kits and reagents, which are useful for diagnosis of self-limited and nondisseminated histoplasmosis.
with a low-dose CT scan, using a diagnosis and treatment protocol designed for this study.
With some important exceptions, giving a child a diagnosis usually does not provide much guidance about why the problem exists, what processes have led to the problem's development, or what we should do to help.
This article addresses difficulties with the diagnosis of bipolar disorder in children; provides a description of bipolar disorder in adults and children; presents a case study; discusses appropriate assessment, treatment, and program planning for children; and discusses implications and recommendations for school counselors according to the ASCA National Standards for School Counseling Programs.
If allowed, the pre-existing condition exclusion would become meaningless, as almost any medical treatment obtained during the look-back period might be tied to the subsequent diagnosis, regardless of whether there was a connection at the time of treatment.