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A method of visually examining the peritoneal cavity by means of a long slender endoscope equipped with sheath, obturator, biopsy forceps, a sphygmomanometer bulb and tubing, scissors, and a syringe; the endoscope is introduced into the peritoneal cavity through a small incision in the abdominal wall. Also known as peritoneoscopy.
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the diagnostic examination of the abdominal cavity and its organs through a puncture of the abdominal wall with an optical instrument called a laparoscope; first performed in 1901 by the Russian obstetrician-gynecologist D. O. Otto.

The laparoscope consists of a trocar (a stylet with a sheath); an illumination and optical system; and attachments for taking a piece of tissue or organ, still and motion pictures, and X-ray contrasts of the biliary tract. The laparoscopy is performed with local anesthesia under aseptic conditions. The choice of site for the puncture depends on the region or organ being examined. A single puncture allows examination of the organs of the abdominal cavity and peritoneum within limits defined by the length of the optical system.

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On diagnostic laparoscopy, the deep inguinal ring was found to be open or closed in 30 (90.9%) and 3 (9.1%) cases, respectively.
Caption: Figure 2: Diagnostic laparoscopy findings: inflamed peritoneum with densely adhered gallbladder to liver (a); fibrinous exudate throughout the peritoneal cavity (b); gelatinous ascites (c).
Diagnostic laparoscopy is suggested to be the best method for the diagnosis of undescended testis as it has the advantage of ease of use and flexibility, and high diagnostic accuracy (9,10,11,12).
Diagnostic laparoscopy should be kept in mind prior to treatment.
In addition, diagnostic laparoscopy or laparotomy may be necessary if there is still suspicion of a small diverticulum which was missed by other diagnostic tests.
reviewed 50 patients with chronic pelvic pain who underwent diagnostic laparoscopy. Gross findings of TB were seen in 26% of them and subsequently confirmed diagnosis of TB was 34% [5].
Ho, "Comparison of three dimensional hysterosalpingo-contrastsonography and diagnostic laparoscopy with chromopertubation in the assessment of tubal patency for the investigation of subfertility," Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica, vol.
On the other hand, initial diagnostic laparoscopy at the time of planned repair allows for direct visualization of the abdomen with palpation of the hemiscrotum, adds only a minimal amount of additional operating room time, and helps guide an appropriate therapeutic approach.
The object of the research included 103 women from all regions of the Kyrgyz Republic in their reproductive age and with TPFB diagnosis confirmed with clinical findings, such as ultrasound examination of pelvic organs, hysterosalpingography, and diagnostic laparoscopy with the consent of each subject.
"Then I had a diagnostic laparoscopy. Endometriosis was found on the Pouch of Douglas (the area between the rectum and uterus) and also my right ovarian fossa.
With recent advances in minimally invasive surgery, transinguinal diagnostic laparoscopy has emerged as a safe and effective method for evaluating a pediatric patient with PPV.

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