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1. the circular graduated disc of various measuring instruments
a. the control on a radio or television set used to change the station or channel
b. the panel on a radio on which the frequency, wavelength, or station is indicated by means of a pointer
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a subassembly of a telephone that is used to control the operation of the apparatus in an automatic telephone exchange in order to establish a connection to the subscriber being called. Dials may be of the disk or push-button types, depending on the method of selecting the desired number.

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In automatic telephone switching, a type of calling device which, when wound up and released, generates pulses required for establishing connections.
(design engineering)
A separate scale or other device for indicating the value to which a control is set.


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(1) See rotary dial.

(2) A Microsoft input device for its Surface Studio PC. See Surface Studio.
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For the introductory part of the session, the participants dialed two practice numbers, followed by two digit-only and two digit-letter combinations for each of the four test modes.
The individual keystrokes were not analyzed for accuracy, so an incorrectly dialed trial could consist of one mistake or several misdialed digits.
Four participants dialed all eight trials (control plus composite mode) correctly.