diamond notch


A notch, in the shape of the letterV, cut into a log or timber near one of its ends;
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In that spell, every Diamond notched either a win or a paid win as the home side took three 5-1s and two 4-2s to lead, 39-21, leaving Berwick an impossible task.
More hits followed and in 1969 Diamond notched up his biggest solo hit to that date with the singalong Sweet Caroline, paving the way for him to become a bona-fide world superstar.
The talented 18-year-old Diamond notched a four-race full maximum last night and team manager George English did not select the travel-weary youngster for the final race with the league points already in the bag.
Bobby Johnson (2) and Liam Diamond notched for Barca but Lewis Fairbairn (2) and Zac Stephenson levelled.