diamond pane

diamond light, diamond pane

diamond lights
two types of diamond frets
A small pane of glass, either diamond-shaped or square-shaped, and set diagonally in lead cames in a window sash. Also called diamond glass.
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We all went together, she before us: and a glorious old room it was, with more oak beams, and diamond panes; and the broad balustrade going all the way up to it.
The windows were latticed in little diamond panes, that seemed to wink and blink upon the passengers as if they were dim of sight.
The windows were curtainless, and the yellow moonlight, flooding in through the diamond panes, enabled one to see even colours, whilst it softened the wealth of dust which lay over all and disguised in some measure the ravages of time and moth.
I now followed the wall some little distance, and then, to see over it, walked backwards until I was all but in the beck; and there, sure enough, shone my darling's candle, close as close against the diamond panes of her narrow, lofty window!
One day, as we trotted out of a large village into a shady bit of road, I saw on our left hand a low, black cottage, with diamond panes in the windows, a creeper on the end wall, a roof of shingle, and some roses climbing on the rickety trellis-work of the tiny porch.
Smith, perhaps from discretion, would casually vanish a minute or so before, and then watch through the diamond panes of an upstairs room "that man" take a lingering look outside the gate at the invisible Flora, lift his hat, like a caller, and go off down the road.
It had a brick floor, and a window of diamond panes, and a flounce hanging below the chimney-piece, and strings nailed from bottom to top outside the window on which scarlet-beans were to grow in the coming season if the Fates were propitious.
It is an attractive, stucco rendered building with a dormer window on the .rst .oor and diamond pane, cast iron windows to the ground ?oor.
Also showing their great age are the diamond pane leaded light windows of the long hall in the distortions of the glass and leadwork, point out the selling agents, John Shepherd.
Number of Blocks & Finished Size 20 Diamond Panes Blocks 12"x 12"
Further warmth is provided by copper accessories - very on-trend - such as the Ball Table Light, and Copper Iron Pendant with its diamond panes.
Further warmth is provided by copper accessories - very on-trend at the moment - such as the Ball table light, and copper Iron pendant with its fabulous diamond panes.