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Diathermy pads channel an electric current to produce heat and are used to cut or destroy tissue or to produce coagulation.
The bleeding source was then cauterised using a guarded bipolar diathermy probe.
1,2) It is widely known that shortwave diathermy (SW) can be used to reduce pain and swelling, accelerate the inflammatory process, and promote healing in tissues with chronic inflammation.
The energy provided by electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and short-wave diathermy machines helps to reduce swelling and pain, and increases circulation, which stimulates the cells to heal damaged tissue.
Loop diathermy, where a thin wire loop cuts through and removes the abnormal area, is the most common treatment.
Chattanooga's Shortwave Diathermy unit is the only domestic shortwave product to operate via a touch screen interface.
A heat treatment called diathermy or laser therapy can be performed or injections of drugs given to stop any bleeding.
The focus of the meeting was very narrow, in that the FDA had instructed the panel to focus solely on the application of non-thermal shortwave diathermy for the treatment of postoperative pain and edema and the treatment of edema following blepharoplasty.
We undertook a prospective study to compare outcomes in 162 patients who had undergone harmonic scalpel tonsillectomy and 40 patients who had undergone monopolar diathermy tonsillectomy over a 33-month period.
An inquest in Middlesbrough heard that doctors chose to use single-use heat equipment, known as diathermy forceps, to seal the wound.
Hemorrhoidectomies performed with Ligasure diathermy are associated with significantly less operating time and postoperative pain than are those performed by conventional monopolar diathermy, reported Dr.
Amongst the equipment are sigmoidoscopes, gastroscopes, a diathermy unit and suction pump - used to investigate and treat stomach problems and two cardiac defibrillators.