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one of the types of written work used to reinforce and test knowledge and to form student habits. It is used most widely in the teaching of spelling and punctuation.

Specific forms of dictation are also used in the teaching of other subjects, for example, topographical dictation in geography lessons and musical dictation in lessons of solfége in music schools and conservatories.

S. N. GROMTSEVA [8–766–3; updated]

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The latter listens to the people and works accordingly, whereas the BJP dictates people and does what they wish to do.
With New Zealand entering the last quarter of its production cycle, milk output in Europe will dictate price trends for the coming six months.
Supporting Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10), Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac streamlines documentation workflow by allowing clinicians to dictate appointment and clinical notes directly into Mac-based electronic health records (EHRs), such as MacPractice, and also use their voice while working within popular web, email and desktop applications such as Microsoft Office or Gmail.
Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac gives medical professionals back the time in their day to stay focused on patient care, said Peter Mahoney, Nuance s chief marketing officer and general manager for Dragon.
""This time, too, we will not accept attempts to dictate unilateral, time-bound moves to us.In a reality in which Islamic terror is reaching every corner of the globe, we will rebuff any attempt that would bring this terror into our home, into the State of Israel.
'Noble' argument would dictate the praise of public sector workers who have spent their lives "wading chest deep through" our mines, shipyards, factories, hospitals and trenches in order to defend, build, repair and care for our country.
(NASDAQ: NUAN) said its new Dragon Dictate for Mac, version makes it easier and faster than ever to dictate and edit text and to control desktop and web applications, simply by speaking.
Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search allow people to dictate SMS text messages, emails, social media updates, mobile Web searches and more, up to five times faster than typing.
He sad after the hunger strikes in December 2011 the convicts think as if they can dictate their conditions.
Avatron Software, Portland, Ore., has unveiled Air Dictate, an app that enables Mac users to enter text onto their computers simply by talking into an iPhone 4S.
* PARIS and Berlin have launched a coup to control the eurozone, demanding rights to dictate the economic policy of member states.
ISLAMABAD, April 22, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Having Pakistans military leadership resistant to follow American dictate in deviation from best national interest, US Navy Admiral Mike Mullen exerted imperial powers, during his meetings here the other day.