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one of the types of written work used to reinforce and test knowledge and to form student habits. It is used most widely in the teaching of spelling and punctuation.

Specific forms of dictation are also used in the teaching of other subjects, for example, topographical dictation in geography lessons and musical dictation in lessons of solfége in music schools and conservatories.

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Mhen lawyers at Warshafsky, Rotter, Tarnoff & Bloch, a six-attorney personal injury law firm in Milwaukee, transitioned from analog tape recorders and shorthand dictation to digital dictation and transcription in 2015, the equipment and software they originally brought in didn't operate quite as well as they had hoped.
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Here are the relevant themes that have been used for dictations from the website <http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish> for students who study ESP for psychology: 1) Drinking Loss; 2) Stress at Work; 3) Mobile Phones; 4) Social Business; 5) Cybercrime; 6) Obesity; 7) School Bullying in Japan; 8) Online Gambling; 9) Skinny Models; 10) Intermittent Explosive Disorder; 11) Women's Constant Body Worries; 12) Internet Companies Try to Stop Spam.
Once the dictations were transcribed, an administrative assistant accessed the transcriptions via a secure Web site provided by the transcription vendor and inserted the dictated portions of the note into the correct fields of the template.
DigtaSoft consists of three different modules: "DigtaMobile', the solution for mobile dictations on the go, 'DigtaProfessional" for stationary dictation, and 'DigtaOffice', the transcription software.