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The country code for Dominican Republic.
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a mountain near the city of Thanh Hoa (Democratic Republic of Vietnam), on whose slopes the archaeologists Nguyen Dong Chi, Hoang Hung, and Le Van Lan discovered in 1960 the first ancient paleolithic site in Vietnam. In the course of investigations conducted from 1960 to 1968, more than 1,500 archaic Clactonian flakes were collected, as well as ten crude chopping tools (“choppers”), about 40 core tools, and several typical Chellean hand axes. The tools were made from local basalt. The Do materials closely resemble the materials found at Chellean sites in India, the Caucasus, Western Europe, and other regions.


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On drawings, abbr. for “ditto.”
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It reads: "O God, who didst choose Israel to be thine inheritance: Have mercy upon us and forgive us for violence and wickedness against our brother Jacob; the arrogance of our hearts and minds hath deceived us, and shame hath covered our face.
They retained the structure of the original prayer as well as its opening address--"O God, who didst choose Israel to be thine inheritance"--and the phrase "take away all pride and prejudice."
Listeners can let themselves be charmed by the pleasant voice colour of tenorist Krystian Adam, among whose best contributions is the arioso Behold, and See if There Be Any Sorrow or the aria But Thou Didst Not Leave His Soul in Hell, or the pure tone of countertenor Benno Schachtner, who excels in the almost ten-minute aria He Was Despised and Rejected of Men.
But when they came, where thou thy skill didst showe,
"Thou didst form me in my inward parts, and knit me together in my mother's womb" (Psalm 139.13).
How far from then forethought of, all thy more boisterous years, When thou at the random grim forge, powerful amidst peers, Didst fettle for the great grey drayhorse his bright and battering sandal!
"Shepherd's Song" (Ben Johnson), "The Happy Tree" (Gerald Gould), "The Cherry Trees" (Edward Thomas), "I Shall Be Ever Maiden" (Bliss Carman), "Ploughman Singing" (John Clare), "I Praise the Tender Flowers" (Robert Bridges), "Snow" (Edward Thomas), "Thou Didst Delight My Eyes" (Robert Bridges), "The Ship" (J.C.
Thou didst drink The stale of horses and the gilded puddle Which beasts would cough at.
When first I knew Thee, Thou didst lift me up so that I might see that there was something to see, but that I was not yet the man to see it.
I have used thee, Filth as thou art, with humane care, and lodged thee In mine own cell till thou didst seek to violate The honor of my child.
I pitied thee, Took pains to make thee speak, taught thee each hour One thing or other: when thou didst not, savage, Know thine own meaning, but wouldst gabble like A thing most brutish, I endow'd thy purposes With words that made them known.
One poor woman, Jane Hutchin, was branded "a base Jade that didst lie three nights with a tinker".