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Depositing was chosen for this latest phase of expansion because of its superior product quality and lower production costs compared with traditional methods such as die forming, Enhanced appearance, high clarity, and rapid flavour release with a smooth mouth feel are key benefits of deposited confectionery: with over 450 lines in operation, Baker Perkins is the world's leading manufacturer of depositing systems.
They describe a full array of processes, including molding, die forming and tooling, compression molding, transfer molding, injection molding, and extrusion.
Around since the 1940s, hydroforming replaces conventional matched die forming with a draw ring and a male punch that offers metal fabricators the flexibility to produce either low-volume or irregularly contoured parts.
APV Baker was the first company to develop depositing technology to provide a higher quality lollipop, giving the potential for an almost unlimited product variety, and offering greater production flexibility than traditional die forming processes.
These innovative Xylitol based products can only be made by the depositing process--traditional die forming processes are not an option for this style of combination product.
The Vilnius based company is well established in the chocolate and biscuit sectors, and also makes hard candies on a traditional die forming plant.
Compared with conventional die forming, depositing provides distinct benefits in visual impact, consistency and quality in terms of high dimensional and shape accuracy.
The Compact system is a recent addition to the APV Baker range of cooking and depositing systems, and offers a rapid return on investment from outputs up to 320 kg/hr, with the cost benefits that have persuaded many companies to switch from die forming to depositing.
The systems were developed to provide a more flexible technique in production and product formulation terms than conventional methods of die forming.
The company has also streamlined production: toffee was switched from die forming to depositing; toffee and fondant are both processed through the same depositor; and 'Wonderware' software gives total control of both toffee and fondant lines from one central point.
A compact cooking and depositing system developed by APV Baker, a unit of Invenys Plc, enables confectionery makers to produce high quality hard candies for the same investment as traditional die forming technology.
For centre-filled products, which have traditionally been produced by die forming technology, depositing provides benefits in terms of both quality and cost.