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For these things he should die; but he had scorned the love of La, the woman, and for this he should die horribly with great anguish.
My own fate, or rather, my thought of it, was submerged in the natural pity I felt for this lone girl, doomed to die horribly beneath the cold, cruel eyes of her awful captors.
A caption on one image reads "Views to die horribly for", whilst another reads "Sun, sea and savagery", referring to the show's reputation for bloodily killing off major characters.
As for the rhinos, they die horribly and senselessly.
And dozens of Syrian civilians die horribly after poison gas is dropped by their government's planes on the besieged rebel enclave of Douma, outside Damascus -- the last stronghold held by the rebels in Syria's civil war that has now entered into the seventh year.
If I was going to die horribly on stage, I might as well do it impeccably dressed.
"People were prepared to die horribly for beliefs which now seem to us quite arcane - whether or not there is a presence of God in the sacrament, whether or not good works get you to Heaven, whether or not Purgatory exists, whether or not anything which isn't in the Bible is idolatrous.
The problem is that such seals are often wounded only, and escape to die horribly somewhere else.
We are offered lots of hard cases to back up the legalising of assisted suicide, just like the old argument for abortion, namely that if you didn't legalise it then people would go to dangerous amateurs and die horribly.
Pulling our hair out, saying we're all going to die horribly does not save lives," said Maslin.
"Then I had to watch my brother die horribly of cancer without ever knowing the truth.
The Government has known about the dangers of asbestos for years and did nothing while I watched my family die horribly."