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However, as foundries adopted newer, more sophisticated transistor designs, aforementioned parameters stopped being the driver of die shrink. In fact, there were nodes where the gate size stayed constant while everything else on the transistor shrunk, allowing foundries to fabricate denser chips.
AMD also stated it's on track to ramp Radeon Instinct MI25 for deep learning workloads, and still expects to deliver a 7nm die shrink for its GPUs later in 2018.
While this process resulted in a die shrink at this early stage it's typical to have a lower yield rate, which has been built into the estimate of $99 versus the previous device cost of $76.
The changes this time around are far less sweeping, with the processing die shrink from 32nm to 22nm being the biggest news.
"It's functionally the same ASIC [as the Bloom I] but we've done a die shrink," said Brocade's marketing vice president Jay Kidd.
With typical package footprints at 10 to 30 percent of the SOIC packages, a total die shrink for all internal components was in order.
The only telegraphed new part from AMD this year is a 7nm die shrink of Vega focused on machine learning markets.
This wouldn't automatically point to something wrong with the CPU core, which sounded like a reasonable die shrink with some new features - it could be a scaling or power consumption issue with some other aspect of the design.
The company will need to hit 64 or 96-layers to hit its intended cost targets, and it might need a die shrink as well.
That degree of power savings does imply that Sony did a die shrink for the PS4, but whether they built it on 20nm or 14nm is open to speculation for now.
Beyond a die shrink and a new case design, we mentioned 802.11ac for improved streaming and the addition of Bluetooth 4.0 for low-energy wireless communication.