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/dif/ 1. A change listing, especially giving differences between (and additions to) different versions of a piece of source code or documentation (the term is often used in the plural "diffs"). "Send me your diffs for the Jargon File!"

Compare vdiff.

2. Specifically, such a listing produced by the diff Unix command, especially when used as input to the patch utility (which actually performs the modifications). This is a common method of distributing patches and source updates.

3. To compare (whether or not by use of automated tools on machine-readable files).

See also vdiff, mod.
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The vagueness of the announcement will do nothing to dampen speculations about DIFF's future, as noted in international trade magazines.
The organisers of DIFF will be adopting a new approach with the festival taking place every 2 years, the 15th edition of DIFF confirmed for 2019.
Blink Studios has showcased its latest mixed reality (MR) and virtual reality (VR) offerings with Microsoft's HoloLens and Samsung's Odyssey MR Kit at the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF).
Khan's upcoming productions include the Hindi-drama feature film 'The Song of Scorpions', which premiered earlier this year at the 70th Locarno Film Festival, and will screen at the 14th Edition of DIFF as part of the Cinema of the World showcase.
Commenting on the volunteer programme, Mohammed Alhousani, DIFF's Director of Human Resources and Administration, said: "Last year we had 600 amazing volunteers who dedicated more than 5000 hours of their time to make the festival happen.
ApexSQL Data Diff 2016 R2 includes the following new features and improvements:
DIFF has served as a cultural bridge and made Dubai, long considered a trade and tourist destination, a major cultural hub.
"We have volunteers who come from Los Angeles, Saudi Arabia, Europe and India, to name a few just, to be a part of DIFF every year.
Volunteers have been integral to the success of DIFF since the inaugural edition in 2004, and over 6,000 volunteers have given their time and energy.
diff causes severe diarrhoea, cramps and sometimes life-threatening complications, and has traditionally been thought to be transmitted within hospitals from other sick C.diff patients.