difference equation

difference equation

[′dif·rəns i′kwā·zhən]
An equation expressing a functional relationship of one or more independent variables, one or more functions dependent on these variables, and successive differences of these functions.

difference equation

A relation between consecutive elements of a sequence. The first difference is

D u(n) = u(n+1) - u(n)

where u(n) is the nth element of sequence u. The second difference is

D2 u(n) = D (D u(n)) = (u(n+2) - u(n+1)) - (u(n+1) - u(n)) = u(n+2) - 2u(n+1) + u(n)

And so on. A recurrence relation such as

u(n+2) + a u(n+1) + b u(n) = 0

can be converted to a difference equation (in this case, a second order linear difference equation):

D2 u(n) + p D u(n) + q u(n) = 0

and vice versa. a, b, p, q are constants.
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The first-order vector stochastic difference equation expresses the next period's vector of state variables as a linear function of this period's state vector and a vector of random disturbances that form a martingale difference sequence, to the system.
We consider the first order neutral advanced difference equation of the form
Therefore keep the negative root and write the difference equation as
For simplicity, we will derive only the two-dimensional finite difference equation for a general Cartesian fluid cell with sides of uniform length [DELTA] 'x as shown in Figure 2.
t+1]] - [pi]*)), which yields an expectational difference equation in inflation:
CIELAB: The CIE recommended the CIELAB L* a* b* uniform color space and color difference equation in 1976.
1) becomes the second-order delay difference equation
Abstract Our aim in this paper is to investigate the asymptotic stability, and the global attractivity of difference equation of the form
The classical discrete orthogonal polynomials can be defined as the polynomial solutions of the difference equation
We chose to use a discrete difference equation model because the data used are the discrete daily numbers of reported suspected cases, probable cases, and accumulated deaths posted on the Taiwan Center for Disease Control Web site (9).
0])) and we use the finite difference equation to compute the matrix M, where

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