differential gear

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differential gear

the epicyclic gear mounted in the driving axle of a road vehicle that permits one driving wheel to rotate faster than the other, as when cornering

Differential Gear


a device that produces a resultant motion as the sum or difference of the component motions. In a differential gear with, one degree of freedom, the component motions are connected kinematically and are produced by a single drive; the resultant is produced as the difference of these motions. Differential gears with one degree of freedom are used for producing small, precise movements or great forces (for example, in instruments and metal-cutting lathes).

In differential gears with two or more degrees of freedom, the component motions are independent and each is performed by its own component element. There are a number of different types of such differential gears, but the most widely used is the differential gear with bevel gears (usually called simply a differential), which is used in motor vehicles and other transportation machines and in mechanical drives.

The relation between the effective velocities of the component elements of the differential gear is expressed by the formula ω1 + ω2 = 2ω or n1 + n2- 2nr, where ω1, ω2, and ωr and n1, n2nr are, respectively, the rates of angular motion and the frequencies of rotation of the central wheels and the carrier. In a speed regulator of the closed type, the differential gear permits broadening of the control range and makes possible reverse rotation of the driveshaft. In metal-cutting lathes the differential gear is used for simplifying tooling and reducing the number of change gears required. Differential gears are used in computers to perform the mathematical operation of parameter addition.


differential gear

[‚dif·ə′ren·chəl ′gir]
(control systems)
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Today special attention is paid to the method of controlling speed changes using single-stage and multistage differential gears with a closed hydraulic system [1-16].
The results of differential gear unit-stand tests were shown in Fig.
Differential gears inside the carrier connect the two axles while allowing the wheels to spin at different speeds.
The above torque conversion principle enables this invention to be used in place of differential gears in automobiles or other vehicles.
How it works:The Greek device used 30 hand-cut differential gears fashioned from bronze.
These mechanical components are particularly delicate (and expensive, too), and shocks caused by irregular contact of the tyres with the road contribute considerably to the premature wearing, due to inefficient shock absorbers, of the gearbox, clutch, transmission shaft, joints and differential gear.
According to him, "As per the Contract, the Arabian Automobiles Company shall provide support and technical supervision to DTC at any time, besides the necessary training for the DTC's employees and technicians on all vehicles supplied, which includes: maintaining and repairing the main parts such as engine, gearbox and differential gear, AC, repairing electrical faults, providing preventive maintenance procedures, providing the modus operandi of vehicles supplied under this contract, maintenance & repair manual to troubleshoot (mechanical, electrical, body) faults along with the spare parts manuals, and providing theoretical & practical training for ten technicians at DTC's headquarters, as per the timetable and training courses to be agreed upon.
A simple transmission gave two forward speeds and reverse, while the spring-mounted differential gears were the same as those used on Case steam traction engines.
Driving a part-time 4WD system on dry pavement can break the front axles, shear the differential gears and even break apart the differential case.
Those heavy, obscene bouquets, held together by tightened lock washers, studs, and monstrous split pins, squabbling in stillness and transfixed in loving embraces, have a clear and definite origin in differential gears, with their winding mathematical mazes of pinions, axles, and swage blocks.
Lose enough oil and the differential gears can lock up.
to manufacture differential gears for the early automotive industry 1952 - Company moves to its current location in Lafayette, Ind.

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