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A sudden increase in cutting depth of a cutting tool due to an erratic change in load.

What does it mean when you dream about digging?

Digging in a dream may indicate a struggle to unearth one’s reputation or integrity, a search for something lost or buried, or an effort to bury some unpleasant aspect of the past. Any downward movement can also symbolize digging into the unconscious in an effort to understand oneself. (See also Shovel).


The interpretation of this behavior in a dream depends on your circumstances and on the details, which is true for most dreams. Digging is generally considered to be difficult work or hard labor. You could be “digging” around for the truth or trying to get to the bottom of things. Alternately, you could be “digging your own grave.” Therefore, consider your feelings in the dream and what you were digging. Were you working a difficult area, or digging in fertile soil?
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To answer the more important question first: Digging in the dirt will not hurt him, although it may wreak havoc with your cream-colored rugs.
Over the years, he has conducted many experiments comparing the effect on plant growth of digging with not digging and has found that a no-dig approach is the way to go.
Installing a mailbox, building a deck, planting a tree, and laying a patio are all examples of digging projects that require a call to 811 before starting.
Bottle diggers discuss their finds and potential digging sites on a number of online forums.
We have bought 22 digging towers that entered in service and the others pending use, as well as the purchase of two rehabilitation devices, along with three other towers to be bought later, due to the Company's plans to dig more oil wells in the near future," Yasiri stressed.
We are working to ensure every home improvement project involving digging begins with a free call to 811.
gt; 2 : to try to discover information <Reporters were digging into the story.
Firstly, digging breaks up the soil, relieving compaction and helping to aerate it, making drainage better and allowing roots to penetrate so that plants grow better.
THIS winter, many of us will start digging to prepare a vegetable plot or flower border for planting next spring.
The main reason for digging, however, is to add plenty of organic matter such as well rotted manure or compost to improve soil structure and nutrients before planting.
A few years ago, the Ras Al Khaimah Municipality banned digging wells on the farms, but recently the authorities cancelled that earlier decision and allowed the farmers to dig wells on their own, but under strict municipal supervision.
It was hot and dry when I spent the Fourth of July digging for fossils on the 5E Ranch north of Billings, Mont.