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(TOShibaLINK) An optical interface for digital audio connections that provides a data rate from 125 Mbps to 1.2 Gbps. Developed by Toshiba and part of the S/PDIF interface, TOSLINK sockets are found on A/V receivers, set-top boxes, CD/DVD players and TVs. See S/PDIF and audio cable.

Digital Audio Connections
Both part of the S/PDIF interface, a TOSLINK socket is commonly found next to its electrical and coaxial counterpart. If TOSLINK is not used, the stopper plug (bottom right) prevents the red LED beam from escaping.

Optical Audio
"Optical Audio" is a TOSLINK designation. On this Roku streaming video set-top box, analog audio is provided for legacy TV sets. Neither analog audio nor TOSLINK are supported on Apple TV, Fire TV or Android TV, which have only HDMI output. See set-top box.
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Independently adjustable analog & digital audio outputs.
It automatically downmixes multichannel PCM, Dolby, and DTS audio, and delivers 2.0 stereo signals over HDMI, two-channel analog unbalanced audio, and TOSLINK digital audio outputs.
Another of Sonifex's new audio distribution product, the RB-DDA22 is a multiple input and output digital audio distribution amplifier designed to accept one of five different digital inputs, amplify it and output this to 22 digital audio outputs in five different audio formats.
You'll also find a USB input for connecting hard drives or memory sticks, plus analogue and digital audio outputs.
In addition to an Ethernet port, the product supports USB and HDMI and has Dolby Digital audio outputs. The IP connection allows progressive download of VOD with content buffered onto the HDD.

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