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digital billboard

A large electronic display system. Using LEDs, digital billboards increasingly replace static electronic and printed signs, which require replacement or manual effort to change. Entirely computer controlled, digital billboards can display images, video and animation. They can also entirely change their message, promoting goods and services for several advertisers from the same display system. See LED.

More Than 200 Feet Across
Daktronics is the world's leader in electronic signage, and this 40x220-foot LED display at Sports Authority Field for the Denver Broncos has 952 lines of LED resolution. (Image courtesy of Daktronics,

Times Square Spectaculars
Lit by huge LED signs that span 40 to 80 feet and rent for hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, Times Square "Spectaculars" are dazzling. The pixel diameters range from 16 to 25mm.
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and Multimedia Display (MMD), which is wholly owned by LCD monitor maker TPV Technology Group, recently announced their collaboration on tapping the North American market for digital billboards.
D3 LED, the company that virtually reinvented the technology powering Times Square's largest and most advanced digital billboards, has announced a formal partnership with Digital Displays & Devices (D3) in the Middle East.
Under the terms of the agreement, a digital billboard can only go up in place of an existing traditional billboard, which suggests that most of the neighborhoods in question aren't exactly quasi-bucolic Wisteria Lanes.
The project was originally conceived to create not only a superior digital billboard, but a complete solution that worked in all outdoor conditions, without causing any harm to the local environment.
8220;By working with digital billboard market leaders like Daktronics, we can grow the outdoor digital market by helping operators tap into digital advertisers and online buyers to access the $54 billion digital online advertising market.
A request for a third digital billboard (off I-290 westbound at 525 Lincoln St.
Most personalized digital billboard messages--even simple ones wishing a "happy birthday"--get designed by a sign company's graphic artist and cost between $125 and $150, Hamilton said.
For the past week and a half, the Los Angeles Times has been displaying news headlines on 10 digital billboards located across the city as part of a 10-week trial.
But the Zoning Board of Appeals stopped short of giving its green light for the digital billboard.
com)-- Valley digital marketing company Media Made for You is giving away a $5,000 digital billboard system to one lucky business owner who participates in the company's web promotion through September 15.

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