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digital billboard

A large electronic display system. Using LEDs, digital billboards increasingly replace static electronic and printed signs, which require replacement or manual effort to change. Entirely computer controlled, digital billboards can display images, video and animation. They can also entirely change their message, promoting goods and services for several advertisers from the same display system. See LED.

More Than 200 Feet Across
Daktronics is the world's leader in electronic signage, and this 40x220-foot LED display at Sports Authority Field for the Denver Broncos has 952 lines of LED resolution. (Image courtesy of Daktronics,

Times Square Spectaculars
Lit by huge LED signs that span 40 to 80 feet and rent for hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, Times Square "Spectaculars" are dazzling. The pixel diameters range from 16 to 25mm.
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According to her, Rajabi left the ownership picture after he was bought out by his partner, Gene Liguori, who is seeing the Main Street development through--sans digital billboard.
Insurers face a double-edged sword of sorts when it comes to the digital billboard debate.
The scheme will use social media including text messages, email and digital billboards across the UK in addition to traditional broadcast media to issue the alerts when launched on Sunday, International Missing Children's Day.
One week your name is scrolling across the digital billboard that looks over the Thames from the National Theatre, the next you're wandering round a village in Wales trying to find a) the theatre b) a poster and c) anything alive other than sheep."
The prototype machine, designed by Sanden, Okaya Electronics and Intel, features a 65-inch high-definition vertical display with a transparent touch screen for making a selection, and, when no customers are around, it doubles as a giant digital billboard showing animated graphics, product information and a digital clock.
MANCHESTER United fans have exacted revenge for their City rivals' taunts over Carlos Tevez's move two years ago with a giant digital billboard image poking fun at the Argentina striker's latest saga.
They pointed out that mainland Chinese authorities have been systematically promoting digital billboard installations, with prominent cases including the projects in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai Expo 2010 and Guangzhou Asian Games 2010.
The digital billboard projection launches May 21 starting at 9:30 p.m.
"We recently installed dynamic stadium signage at the Casas GEO stadium in Mexicali, Mexico and another digital billboard in the Dominican Republic," Barak informed.
The grumpy adults must have their say, and so the battle is joined in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Silver Lake, where one such digital billboard recently debuted.
Barco, a world leader in visualisation and display solutions, has announced the launch of its new DB-x20--the world's first "green" digital billboard, during PALME Middle East exhibition, which was being held at the Dubai International Exhibition.
Louis, to install IGS's full-motion digital billboard advertising screens inside the grocer's 21 stores.

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