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In third place was Harry Hill, who damaged his reputation as an ironic, on-the-edge comic by advertising digital cellphones.
RangeStar's increased performance capabilities will benefit the consumer in many ways, including the elimination of interference by digital cellphones with user hearing aids and other medical devices.
These two achievements, he noted, add up to a technological breakthrough for Electric Fuel: "For the first time, a disposable battery, with all the convenience aspects associated with extended usage time and with being ready to use right out of the pack, is available for high-current high-tech electronic devices like digital cellphones, said Harats.
3bn on personal digital devices in 1999, ranging from digital cellphones and smartphones through PDAs and portable computers to MP3 players and digital cameras.
Philips, which already sells communications products in Europe and Asia from the worldwide headquarters of PCC in Le Mans, France, will provide analog and digital cellphones, PCS phones, cordless phones, numeric and alphanumeric pagers, screenphones and more for the U.
PCC, which will offer analog and digital cellphones, PCS phones, cordless and corded phones, numeric and alphanumeric pagers, screen phones, answering machines and smart cards, is now hiring its management team, and eventually the building will house 100 employees.
The company expects that both the new and retrofit modules will be available for use with analog and digital cellphones.
Additional products are under development for digital cellphones and wireless data as well.
introduced a bevy of products, from digital cellphones to its second PCS handset.
The new company, yet to be named, which will supply analog and digital cellphones as well as as PDAs and smart phones, is expected to be up and running by May 1 and fully operational by Oct.

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