digital envelope

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digital envelope


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digital envelope

(1) An encrypted message that uses both secret key and public key cryptography methods. A secret key is used to encrypt and decrypt the message, but the public key method is used to send the secret key to the other party. See RSA.

(2) A frame, or packet, of data that has been encrypted for transmission over a network.

(3) A term occasionally used to describe inserting data into a packet or frame for transmission over a network. The envelope metaphor implies a container. See encapsulation and container.
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A message is first encrypted with DES; the result is encrypted with RSA, obtaining a digital envelope. Due to these complex encryption methods, SET is one of he strongest protocols.
Many applications, however, remain for silver-halide imaging in the fine-art world, so the department completes traditional photographic assignments as it pushes the digital envelope.
"The high-end studios like Disney and DreamWorks are always going to be pushing the digital envelope because they can afford it, but to get into the digital world of filmmaking the start-up costs are phenomenal," says Paul West, coordinator from Algonquin College.
When ready, if a publisher specifies delivery via AdDispatch, the product creates, encrypts, and transmits to the publisher's mailbox in a digital envelope containing the ad and related information.
While it is possible to store image file information in a digital envelope (Acken, 1998), this technique requires that all potential legitimate users be identified and equipped with appropriate keys.

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