digital media

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digital media

(1) See social media.

(2) An umbrella term for all types of electronic data (text, databases, images, audio and video). Digital media may refer to the electronic devices that store the data (magnetic tapes and disks, solid state drives and flash drives) or to the communications methods that transmit the data, including e-mail, text and instant messaging, text chat and video calling. See social media, multimedia, digital media hub, digital media server, magnetic disk, magnetic tape, optical disc and USB drive.

(3) The news from a TV network, newspaper or magazine that is published on a desktop or mobile website or on a blog.
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These arwe: (1) I believe my course keeps up-to-date with technological developments and the pace of change within the digital media sector;, (2) believe my university provides up-to-date and appropriate equipment and resources relevant to the content of my course; (3) have adequate access to this equipment; (4) believe the content of my course is relevant to the needs and wants of the digital media sector; (5) believe that my course provides me with the skills and knowledge needed to gain employment within the digital media sector.
Roxio Easy Media Creator([R]) 9 extends the capabilities of Windows Vista with innovative digital media creation, management, and enjoyment features, and is a Windows Vista Premier Launch Partner, as showcased on www.
Going forward, Xerox will benefit directly from the performance, programmability and scalability of these new digital media processors.
The Signiant Digital Media Distribution Management Suite for media and entertainment companies is comprised of two core and three optional modules including:
Orb Networks is an award-winning developer of software and services that unlock the digital media stored on personal computers.
Out-of-home digital media networks, media buyers and advertisers who want to be among the first to influence this emerging medium should contact SeeSaw Networks at info@seesawnetworks.
As people's digital media continues to grow exponentially, many households are seeking a solution that will allow them to share, protect, access and enjoy their digital media and other PC files," said Maureen Weber, general manager, Personal Storage Business, HP.
Sigma media processors are designed to address remote access needs, decoding major digital media formats and facilitating control of an embedded networking device.
The AVeL LinkPlayer2 Digital Media DVD Player (AVLP2/DVDLAV), with support for Intel Viiv technology, will be available at PC Mall and other nationwide retailers, as well as on the Internet, starting in January 2007.
Developers and device manufacturers using the Blue Peach Digital Media Server, a commercial off-the-shelf platform for manufacturers of digital media devices such as digital video recorders (DVRs), digital cameras and MP3 music players, now will be able to offer consumers cutting-edge content management functionality thanks to Entier.
OTCBB: ALIF), a leading provider of award winning mobile technology and applications, has signed a contract with ERA Digital Media Inc.
SeeSaw Networks to Offer Single Source for Planning, Buying and Measuring Out-of-Home Digital Media

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