digital media

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digital media

(1) See social media.

(2) An umbrella term for all types of electronic data (text, databases, images, audio and video). Digital media may also refer to the electronic devices that store the data (magnetic tapes and disks, solid state drives and flash drives) or to the communications methods that transmit the data, including email, text and instant messaging, text chat and video calling. See social media, multimedia, digital media hub, digital media server, magnetic disk, magnetic tape, optical disc and USB drive.

(3) The news from a TV network, newspaper or magazine that is published on a desktop or mobile website or on a blog.
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Private Label => Store Brands: In your view, how important is social and digital media's role becoming to retail marketing overall - and to the marketing of store brand products, in particular?
While Jobs died in 2011, his impact on the digital media space will have long-lasting effects.
Verizon said companies including Turner Broadcasting, Hearst Magazines and The Associated Press will be among the first to explore Verizon Digital Media Services' capabilities. 
com, said that "We are proud to play a role in activating the digital media market in Levant countries, and bringing together all these traditional and digital media professionals.
"MediaME has gained insight into the digital media scene across the region in the past few years and we have realized that the Levant is now experiencing the beginning of a digital revolution which requires efforts to bridge the knowledge gap and expenditure disparity with the Gulf," said Zeid Nasser, CEO of MediaScope, a leading publishing and events company, and founder of
The company's visually-stunning, user-friendly Web 2.0 technology gives consumers a single, engaging place online for permanently storing and sharing a lifetime of digital media and memories, connecting with family and friends, and keeping organized in today's digital world.
He is one of Europe's foremost experts in digital media for public service, particularly in education.
The decision means that Starcom will now be handling all of P&GEos digital media account for brands such as Olay, Max Factor, Pantene, Pampers and Head & Shoulders.
The paper combines Reflect Systems' best practices in helping deploy and operate in-store digital media networks with TracyLocke's expertise in interactive content creation and shopper messaging, notes Reflect Systems president and chief operating officer Stephen Nesbit.
The Fujitsu Digital Media solution combines innovative technologies and services from Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Fujitsu Components America, Inc., Fujitsu Transactions Solutions, Inc.
The Tornado M60 is equipped with the SysMaster Digital Media Center (DMC) and connects to a standard television set or monitor. provides global coverage of the business of digital media with news categorized by topic, including advertising, social media, music, magazines, gaming and spots, is a news site covering the business of mobile content while contentSutra is a news site covering India's digital content market, paidContent:UK covers the business of digital media for the U.K.

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