digital media hubs

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digital media hubs

The digital media hub is a set-top box that is known by all these names. You gotta love free enterprise! See digital media hub.

   digital media receiver
   digital media player
   digital video player

   wireless media adapter
   wireless media player
   wireless music system

   media box
   Media Center Extender
   media extender
   media adapter
   media receiver
   media streamer

   streaming box
   streaming player
   streaming media player
   streaming movie box
   streaming TV box
   streaming video box

   audio hub
   audio media hub

   video hub
   video media hub
   video streaming box
   video streaming hub

   music hub
   music server
   music streamer
   music receiver

   entertainment gateway
   entertainment router

   network audio receiver
   network music player
   network media player

A Media Hub Tower of Babel
Products in the high-tech world are often called by many names, but digital media hub nomenclature is truly a Tower of Babel.
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