digital media player

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digital media player

(1) A device that streams content from the Internet or a computer to a TV. See digital media hub.

(2) A smart TV, stereo, home theater system or game console that plays audio or video material and/or displays photos.

(3) A hardware device such as an iPod that plays digital music files. See digital music player and MP3.

(4) Software such as Windows Media Player and iTunes that organizes and plays audio and video content. See media player.

(5) A DLNA-certified device that can find and play media. See DMP and DLNA.
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The breadth and depth of each company's digital offerings will make the combined company a leading digital media player.
It's no secret that Apple and Amazon have had a rocky relationship, so it was a bit of a surprise when the Cupertino giant announced in June at WWDC that Prime Video is coming to its Apple TV digital media player. At the time, Apple teased that the tvOS app is slated for a summer 2017 release.
The in-built digital media player supports various media formats, so all you need to do is plug in the USB stick and enjoy your digital content.
The categories within home audio and cinema are expected to have negative volume growth in the forecast period except for digital media player docks with a 5% CAGR, home cinema and speaker systems (3% CAGR) and audio separates.
[USPRwire, Mon Jan 11 2016] Home audio and cinema in Turkey stagnated in volume terms in 2015, mainly due to the rapid decline in sales of hi-fi systems, which stemmed from the increasing popularity of digital media player docks and wireless/Bluetooth speakers, as smartphones registered outstanding volume growth over the course of the review period.
All applications consist of an end-to-end solution that enables state agencies to control the distribution of video and text programme content at individual sites, each equipped with a powerful digital media player for continuously playing headquarter-specific or local site-specific content, Hughes said.
He also makes use of Google Chromecast, a digital media player that gets streamed via Wi-Fi from the Internet or local network onto an High Definition display.
With Google Play Store, Chrome Web browser, full HD 1920p x1080p 3D LED screen, voice search facility, digital high definition tuner, built-in dual band Wi-Fi, digital media player and many more ultra-modern features, the new Android-powered Vision TV opens the door to endless possibilities of infotainment and is expected to totally redefine the smart television experience of tomorrow.
The functionality of M-DMS, Mobile Digital Media Player (M-DMP), and M-DMC correspond to DMS, DMP, and DMC, respectively.
Visit WALL MOUNT TO FREE UP SPACE A WALL-MOUNTED TV can now double up as music, film and TV station if you connect it to a digital media player like Apple TV.
The key to Findaway World's winning formula lies in its flagship Playaway device, a self-playing digital media player that is preloaded with content (no CDs or internet access required), which can be geared to kids (books for K-12), military (for culture immersion or language), patients (point-of-care health information), or business training.

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