digital paper

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digital paper

(1) A paper-thin display technology. See electronic paper and E Ink.

(2) A variety of coated and uncoated papers specialized for computer printers.

(3) (DigitalPaper) A line of document collaboration software from ePlus inc., Herndon, VA ( Specializing in fast access and distribution of engineering drawings, blueprints and technical manuals to users, the DigitalPaper products offer numerous features, including converting high-resolution images to GIFs for collaborative viewing over the Web. A variety of CAD and other image formats are supported. DigitalPaper was developed by Digital Paper Corporation, which was acquired by ePlus in 2003.

(4) (DigitalPaper) The file format generated by the Common Ground document exchange software. See Common Ground.

(5) Pre-printed paper used to capture data with digital pens. See Anoto and digital pen.
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We re excited to be working with Sony to reveal Digital Paper to the legal research community, said Kevin Marmion, President of William S.
The Finch digital paper family At minimum, Finch recommends that digital printers use papers formulated for the type of colourant (toner or ink) their system utilises.
But with digital paper applications, the bar is much higher.
In the consumer segment, greater penetration of digital still cameras will drive rapid gains for coated digital paper such as semi-gloss and glossy types.
Legal research is still largely a paper-based process, with sources of information that need to be printed in order to be viewed," said Bob Nell, Director of Digital Paper Solutions for Sony Electronics.
Lumit digital paper is a coated polyester film resistant to heat, ultraviolet (UV) light, water, chemicals and tearing.
I've been testing Digital Paper for months and now I can't imagine myself being without it.
This is a true replacement for the vast amounts of paper that continue to clutter many offices and institutions," said Bob Nell, director, Digital Paper Solutions of Sony Electronics.
Since the electrophotogaphic process requires papers to be charged and discharged to attract and adhere toner to the substrate, the paper must not be allowed to build up charge independently, requiring digital papers to have much lower moisture content than offset papers.
Exact Digital papers are acid-free and lignin-free with all uncoated papers in the Exact Digital line containing an "earth-friendly" 30% post-consumer fiber.
Sappi is pleased to offer our customers a more robust digital paper line-up of the finest quality.
users can take notes with the Logitech io2 Digital Pen on digital paper, just as they would with standard pen and paper.