digital paper

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digital paper

(1) A paper-thin display technology. See electronic paper and E Ink.

(2) A variety of coated and uncoated papers specialized for computer printers.

(3) (DigitalPaper) A line of document collaboration software from ePlus inc., Herndon, VA ( Specializing in fast access and distribution of engineering drawings, blueprints and technical manuals to users, the DigitalPaper products offer numerous features, including converting high-resolution images to GIFs for collaborative viewing over the Web. A variety of CAD and other image formats are supported. DigitalPaper was developed by Digital Paper Corporation, which was acquired by ePlus in 2003.

(4) (DigitalPaper) The file format generated by the Common Ground document exchange software. See Common Ground.

(5) Pre-printed paper used to capture data with digital pens. See Anoto and digital pen.
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Digital Paper is a new lightweight design from Sony which makes it feel like the user is writing on paper.
The input forms (paper and Mammo Digital Paper) had the same contents and similar layouts.
'Finch Paper's collaborative, solutions-oriented relationship model - which has successfully served its traditional customers for decades - is the model for the company's customer-centric development and delivery plan for the digital paper programme,' a company statement said.
It can also custom-make art and print works in oils, watercolours, charcoals and pastels and prints on canvas, digital paper, flex and photographic paper.
Second, we explored the use of Digital Paper Bookmarks.
But most let you view either the scanned chart or the nicely zoomable moving map, so you call up the digital paper only if you need it.
We will be able to touch certain parts of digital paper or books to activate sounds and see 3-D images of historical figures or characters in a novel, for example.
And new Galerie FB Digital paper is available in 100-foot rolls in varying widths for professional lab use.
With the launch of the digital paper it has allowed not only more news and pictures to be run, but has also meant that the people of the North-East can now get the news almost as soon as it happens.
They created a method for printing forms on the digital paper. It works like this.
This emerging area of electronics is initially being used for inventory control (e-packaging and e-labeling), digital paper and signage, displays, and novelty and marketing applications, the trade group ( said.