digital pen

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digital pen

(1) See stylus pen.

(2) An electronic ballpoint pen that digitizes, stores and transfers what is written or drawn to the computer. Instead of a mouse, a digital pen provides a very natural way to hand write and hand draw into the computer. In addition, since it stores everything internally, the data transfer to the computer via wireless or USB can be done at a later time. Digital pens may also include audio recording (see below).

Digital pens use a digital paper technology developed by the Swedish Anoto Group. For more on this, see Anoto.

A Natural Way to Write
In 2003, Logitech introduced the io digital pen, capable of storing 40 hand-written pages. In 2007, British-based Destiny Wireless acquired the product line. (Image courtesy of Logitech, Inc.)

Relive the Meeting or Lecture
Livescribe's Smartpens are also audio recorders so that students can capture the lectures with their notes. By pointing the Smartpen to their writing or drawings on the digital paper, they can play back the lecture they were listening to when they made those entries. (Image courtesy of Livescribe, Inc.,
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"Unlike the current system, where an examiner manually enters the data in a paper form following the tests, the digital pen with a minute camera will record all data entered by the examiner in a digital form.
The new venture, called Pen Generations Inc, will use Anoto technology to develop digital pens components and other products to be sold through Anoto and TStudy, the Swedish company said in a press release.
Destiny Wireless develops and sells mobile data capture solutions based on Anoto's digital pen technology.
Similar in principle to sonar, the transmitter, embedded in the digital pen, sends acoustic pulses to the receiver, which uses the same pulses to measure distance to the position of the device.
Global Banking News-19 February 2009-Capturx GIS Data Collection to be showcased at ESRI Fed UC 2009; Faster GIS Data Collection with Capturx Software for Digital Pens to be Showcased at 2009 ESRI Federal User Conference(C)2009 ENPublishing -
With the support of the Colorelli characters, children are challenged to combat Dr Grey's ambition, with the help of their powerful digital pen. You can use the digital pen to discover a huge range of possibilities, including painting or creating your own designs in the Creative Studio, choosing from more than 150 painting templates and a wide variety of decorating functions; while a variety of creative tools, such as paint-brushes, chalk and wax crayons, allows you to paint naturally.You can even drive through the 3D landscape of Colorelli Island in your own customised car, while completing mini-games and creative missions!
On arrival, they will be able to perform their jobs and enter details using their digital pen and paper.
Destiny, provider of digital pen and paper technology (DP&P), has won an order from Aqualisa to help streamline its service operations.
The newly-developed system uses special triage tags with a two-dimensional code and a digital pen provided by Swedish high-tech company Anoto AB.
To the naked eye, the digital pen looks and feels like any jumbo rollerball.
Reportedly, the compelling synergies between ADNA and the digital pen market prompted SMark to become a licensed distributor of Anoto digital pens in Korea and for its customers throughout Asia.
Minneapolis, MN, November 13, 2011 --( Navarre, a distribution and logistics provider, announces a new business relationship with E FUN, a consumer electronics manufacturer of fun, lifestyle products for its APEN A4 Digital Pen. Navarre will distribute the Apple-compatible pen to a network of retail channels.