digital video

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digital video

(1) See DV.

(2) Video recording in digital form. In order to edit video in the computer or to embed video clips into multimedia documents, a video source must originate from a digital camera or be converted to digital. Frames from analog video cameras and VCRs are converted into digital frames (bitmaps) using frame grabbers or similar devices attached to a computer.

Uncompressed digital video signals require huge amounts of storage, and high-ratio real-time compression schemes, such as MPEG, are essential for handling digital video in today's computers. See D1, MPEG, DVD, digital nonlinear editing and DTV.

DIGITAL AND ANALOG INTERFACESDigital     AnalogVideo       Video DVI composite video HDMI component video SDIDigital     AnalogAudio       Audio S/PDIF analog audio TOSLINK
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"Video's proliferation on social networks and the growth of over-the-top (OTT) streaming platforms are major drivers of digital video viewing worldwide," said Oscar Orozco, Senior Forecasting Analyst at eMarketer.
Publishers are evolving their data and targeting capabilities to offer advertisers and marketers the ability to deliver audiences at scale across the digital and mobile-centric landscape--and consumers expect to access great digital video anywhere, across any number of screens.
With this communication technology activity, teachers are surprised at how quickly elementary school students learn the fundamentals of digital video production.
Since its inception, the digital video network has branched out into four different subnetworks: geek and gaming (Polaris Network), lifestyle (The Platform), family (Cartoonium and The Mom's View), and entertainment (pretty much everything else, such as Maker Music).
Technavio's report, Global Digital Video Content Market 2015-2019, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts.
Also, all of its video advertising products will be supported by SET Media's brand safety technology to provide a new level of transparency in digital video advertising.
"As HD content becomes the norm in video and broadcasting industry, the limitation to transporting HD video on a network have a bigger impact on budget, responding to this demand in HD video transmission, FiberStore releases the 3G HD digital video SFP transceiver families address issues raised by the data-scrambling algorithms used in DV, enabling digital video to be transported over optical network using standard transceivers," says Dan Ligon, director and principal analyst for SMPTE.
Los Angeles-based Panache is a software company specialising in digital video advertising with a headcount of 17 people.Country: , USASector: Advertising/PR, Computer SoftwareTarget: Panache LLCBuyer: WPP plc, 24/7 Real MediaType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Agreed
Digital video networking solutions provider BigBand Networks Inc (Nasdaq:BBND) announced on Wednesday that Argentinian service provider CPE Santa Rosa has deployed its Broadband Multimedia-Service Router 1200 (BMR) to upgrade its network to deliver reliable video services.
Upon successful completion of the course, participants would receive a Certificate of Competency on Digital Video Broadcasting Fundamentals.
This guide shows teachers how to use digital video to engage students in core curriculum areas, and explains technical fundamentals for working with video.
The second section covers digital video technology.

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