digital video

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digital video

(1) See DV.

(2) Video recording in digital form. In order to edit video in the computer or to embed video clips into multimedia documents, a video source must originate from a digital camera or be converted to digital. Frames from analog video cameras and VCRs are converted into digital frames (bitmaps) using frame grabbers or similar devices attached to a computer.

Uncompressed digital video signals require huge amounts of storage, and high-ratio real-time compression schemes, such as MPEG, are essential for handling digital video in today's computers. See D1, MPEG, DVD, digital nonlinear editing and DTV.

DIGITAL AND ANALOG INTERFACESDigital     AnalogVideo       Video DVI composite video HDMI component video SDIDigital     AnalogAudio       Audio S/PDIF analog audio TOSLINK
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Recently NICE installed a digital video surveillance system at IBM EMEA's official briefing center in La Gaude, France, which will be used to demonstrate the next generation digital video capabilities to IBM customers, as part of IBM digital media offering.
One way to reduce the impact of transmitting digital video data is to compress it at the source.
Based on RGB's unique Video Intelligence Architecture, the USM provides the same scalability, flexibility, reliability and cost-efficiency as the other members of RGB's growing family of advanced digital video processing products," said Jef Graham, CEO of RGB Networks.
VBrick addresses a critical business gap by enabling organizations to deliver digital video reliably to all employees across diverse network environments.
Operators are turning to switched digital video to make the most of constrained network bandwidth to deliver new channels, high-definition and additional services.
Using reliability, ease-of-use, scalability, and cost as primary selection criteria, San Juan College selected EtherneTV as the cornerstone of its digital video initiative in late summer 2005.
Importantly, Edina's IP convergence strategy addressed the district's requirements to provide teachers with digital video multimedia capabilities.
The company provides digital video to law enforcement agencies and is Integrian's representative firm for the state of Alabama's contract.
Global ePoint's growth catalyst, through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, is the design, manufacturing, sales and distribution of digital video surveillance systems for the law enforcement, military, aviation and homeland security markets.
This acquisition will provide programmable technologies to Pixelworks' customers in order to create a new generation of digital televisions, including those that might integrate Internet Protocol television, or IPTV, decoding technology to allow viewing of digital video directly over the Internet.
We are committed to maintaining the Digital Video Technology Group's role as industry leaders and look forward to the introduction of the new Trooper system and its integration into Homeland Security solutions.

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