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see antelopeantelope,
name applied to any of a large number of hoofed, ruminant mammals of the cattle family (Bovidae), which also includes the bison, buffalo, sheep, and goats. Found in Africa and Eurasia, they range in size from pygmy antelopes, 12 in.
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gnou), red hartebeest (Alcelaphus buselaphus), roan antelope (Hippotragus equinus), the bonteboks (Damaliscus), the handsome common waterbuck (Kobus ellipsiprymnus), reedbucks (Redunca), oribi (Ourebia ourebi), the tiny dik-diks (Madoqua), and the even smaller royal antelope (Neotragus pygmaeus), the smallest living antelope, weighing only 7-9 lb (3-4 kg).
class="MsoNormalFrom a point of privilege driving from one village to another, and spending a day or a few hours in a homestead before moving to the next I wondered how breathtakingly exciting it would be to be this one to nature to stand a few metres and say, "Oh look, that is a herd of elephants walking to the river with their new calf." class="MsoNormalTo wonder whether the zebras within sight are the normal ones or the nearly extinct Grevy's type to cringe at the thought that a hyena could be lurking in the background because I can see antelopes and dik-diks their food.
Along the way we saw many pairs of the little and timid dik-diks, small herds of impala, a lone lesser kudu and a confusion of bird species.