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Single spore isolates were examined for the absence of clamp connections prior to the cross experiments to eliminate possible contamination with dikaryon (presence of clamp connection) isolates (Capelari and Fungaro 2003; Miyazaki et al.
Hence identification of the spores' mating type prior to establishment of a mushroom cross-breeding programme will help breeders to detect desirable crosses in a shorter period.Another significance of DNA pedigree tracking is to identify monokaryons and dikaryons in a short period.
However in spite of being prerequisite for establishment of strain improvement projects little studies concentrated on identification of mono- and dikaryons of mushrooms.
However, in semithin (1 [micro]m) sections, where superimposing is impossible, cells that contained two identical (dikaryons) or different (heterokaryons) nuclei were found.
Inoculated plants were uniformly distributed in two of the populations (UNIFORM, [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1A-B OMITTED]) and arranged in three clusters of nine individuals in the two remaining populations (PATCH), one with all three dikaryon types represented within each cluster (MIXED PATCH, [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1C OMITTED]), the other with one dikaryon type per cluster (MONO PATCH, [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1D OMITTED]).
cornucopiae could produce dikaryons, which usually have the ability to form fruit bodies, the three species can be employed as parental strains for the breeding of P.
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