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The vaccine is packaged in 100-dose vial and accompanied by a diluent.
The efficacy of Elliotts B Solution as a diluent for the intrathecal administration of chemotherapeutics is based on its ability to act as a buffer and to raise the pH of chemotherapeutics at acid pH (e.g.
In the case of air-dried paints, the low volatility of DMM and DEM can allow them to be used as reactive diluents (RD).
We can see that the tensile stress of the thin films cured from the QDs inks without diluent only reaches 10.6 MPa, while the films with diluent reach 27.5 MPa.
Prefilled syringes offer drug manufacturers options when considering the diluent necessary to reconstitute a lyophilized parenteral drug, opting for either a customized diluent program or an already established diluent program.
At strain rate 0.01 [s.sup.-1] the stress is reduced proportionally to the fraction of oligomeric diluent (D1), however the effect of the higher molecular weight diluent (D2) is milder as suggested by comparison PSD60 with the "monomodal" sample.
In this study, the coating performance of alkyd formulated with previously reported three soybean oil-based reactive diluents (24) was investigated and compared to that of tung oil-based reactive diluent.
As a result, oil sands producers spend between $3-13 on diluent per barrel and are often forced to resort to an expensive (~$20/ barrel) rail transportation to export dilbit to the United States.
TransCanada will be in charge of the system's operations, while Phoenix will take care of the oil and diluent shipments.
API bitumen with a naphtha diluent and lighter Venezuelan crudes to help it flow to the upgrader at Jose.
The end-user simply advances the plunger to mix the lyophilized powder with the diluent, before swirling the device to complete reconstitution.